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Book by Fenik ($75.96 - normally $99.95)

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THE CODE - magic

Finally, underground legend Fenik has released his material to the magic community.

For over 20 years Fenik has had a reputation as a magician fooler. Taught by none other than Larry Jennings, Fenik is seen by many as heir to the Jennings' throne.

His long-awaited book embodies the evolution from classical magic, to modern magic with an incredibly diverse style.

Many magicians have embraced his routines. Air Aces, Round Trip, The Rev, 88 Beast Assembly, Silver Fist and One Card Monte are all included in great detail. Miracle, Maximum Penetration, The Number of God, The Kerigma Searchers, Interdimensional are all included. If you want to fool your fellow magicians, this book is for you.

"The Code" features 210 beautifully drawn illustrations. The writing is easy and gives you the opportunity to learn the magic of Fenik in a really entertaining way.

In "The Code" you will also a chapter on Fenik’s theory, which has an amazingly efficient approach to the design of a magic effect. This also provides a way to improve on any effect, by analyzing its procedure.

"The Code" by Fenik is new to the magic world. We’re convinced it will become one of the new classics of magic.


"I feel THE CODE is on a par with the works of Tamariz and Wonder. THE CODE is not mere hyperbole. It is a scientific method of analyzing magic effects in a codified manner to examine the individual components and determine if the routine will likely succeed as a performance piece. First, let me say that THE CODE is a very important piece of magic literature that should be read multiple times by all magicians. There are, as expected, a variety of amazing magic effects, along with some splendid techniques."

  • Marc DeSouza

"Fenik's latest release, THE CODE, is packed full of powerful magic. The material contains smart, well thought-out routines that are well written and nicely illustrated. His One Card Monte and his Double Depth Illusion are brilliant. It is highly recommended."

  • Tom Gagnon

"Fenik Is one of the most talented magicians I have ever met. His contributions to the magical art inspire us all to create new methods, exciting presentations and strong magic to amaze our audiences."

  • Jeff McBride

"Fenik is one of most skillful magicians I know. This book will be wonderful for anybody who loves classic and twisted magic. Recommended!"

  • Shoot Ogawa

"The magic not only emanates from him -- it oozes out of him because his CODE is magic. Without a doubt Fenik is one of the world's best modern magicians of our time. THE CODE is a true jewel that will become a classic of modern magic."

  • Baltazar Fuentes

"I have known Fenik for over 27 years and his creativity and thought process never ceases to amaze me. What Fenik does is not magic but rather, magical."

  • Howard Hamburg

"The wealth of material that comes from Fenik's mind is amazing."

  • Larry Horrowitz

"In Fenik I found an artista with a well-furnished head and a virtuous technician."

  • Manuel Cuesta

"The magic included in THE CODE is visual, shocking and amazing. THE CODE blew me away."

  • Ettiene Pradier

"THE CODE is a Masterpiece."

  • Allan Ackerman

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Customer reviews for THE CODE



There is something for everyone, you will find magic that you can perform strolling, table hopping or in formal close up shows, some effects need a table, others don’t, nothing is angle sensitive, the effect that has the “worst” angles you can perform it in 180° situations. The ones that are now in my profesional repertoire are Kerigma Searchers, Road Trip, Second Skin Invisible Palm, 88 Beast Assembly, Silver Fist, One Card Monte, Maximum Penetration and Add X.

The theory chapter polished the way I think about magic and it should be read several times by every single magician, as Marc DeSouza said “The Code is on a par with the works of Tamariz and Wonder”.

Fenik is one of the best magicians I know, even tho I worked on the project I really feel that this is a GREAT book and will become a modern classic.



This book is top notch. After being underwhelmed from books released over the last couple of years this is a most welcome surprise. The card magic is superb. Period. Well structured, well thought out, and praise the lord....doesn't telegraph where each effect is headed. Novel new moves, and great applications of existing ones. The theory section starts out a bit daunting but is oh so worth it once you muscle through the first 5 or 6 pages. This book is killer, worth the dough, and definitely worth the practice. Highly recommended


Mohammad Zubair

If you want to create an illusion of real magic with cards. This is your go-to book. If you can perform with the fluidity and dexterity of Fenik, you can create illusions that are second only to real magic. But be warned, this book is for advanced-users and has some knuckle-busting sleights that you might need to master.

THE CODE by Fenik