The Dark Side of the Cube

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The Dark Side of the Cube - magic
The Dark Side of the Cube The Dark Side of the Cube The Dark Side of the Cube The Dark Side of the Cube

Within the field of Rubik's Cube's magic, filled with effects focused mainly on solving and matching, The Dark Side of the Cube stands out from the crowd.

The Dark Side of the Cube is an astounding mental act with a regular Rubik's Cube, accompanied by an original and entertaining presentation that will keep your audience engaged.

In effect a spectator freely thinks of one out of six colors. The magician shows a scrambled Rubik's Cube and starts rolling the cube between his hands. Without turning the faces of the cube, the face matching the color the spectator is thinking of solves by itself.

Italian magician Diego Voltini loves mathematical challenges and spent ages trying to find a simple and effective solution that requires minimal memory work, no difficult sleights, no angle restrictions and no gimmicks but your everyday Rubik's Cube.

To perform The Dark Side of the Cube, you don't need to know how to solve a Rubik's Cube. In this 90-page book, you will be guided step-by-step through the method and learn every move thanks to crystal clear illustrations and diagrams. Even if you need some practice, your audience's reaction will be well worth the effort.

In addition, the book contains an in-depth analysis of false shuffles and thought-provoking essays about magic with a Rubik's Cube.



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  • Ed asks: Does your standard really Rubik’s cube have to be augmented in any way? Meaning do I need to take apart my cube and reconfigure it for it to work for this routine?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you will need to do that.
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This is an excellent book. I was looking for an alternative to Karl Hein CubeFX one color solve and this is it. The book is well written, how Diego figured all this out is way beyond me, my hat is off to him. I am sure it was not that easy.

I did find one minor mistake on page 30, the Pre-solve arrangement 4th cube from the top, upper right cubelet should be orange, not a huge deal if you get the book.

Now it is true in the description that you do not need to know how to solve the cube to DO the effect, however you do need to know how to solve the cube in LEARNING how to do the effect, because you will mess up many times in learning it. Also, a video would have been so helpful in learning the rolling solve and I know the Brundage rolling solve well, which is slightly different. What I can tell you is that after each roll, look for a recognizable pattern, that is how I broke it down, because with each roll, there are 6, the first 5 have a different recognizable pattern that I know the cube is oriented properly. That is how I would have taught this to make it easier to learn.

Diego does not cover how you get the color from the spectator, he suggests some methods. One is iCube, which is discontinued, so you really have to figure out that part on your own. He also includes 2 other methods besides the rolling solve, one if you don't want to learn the rolling solve, but a simplified solve. He includes some very good chapters on False shuffles, presentation ideas, puzzle magic, and the cube as an iconic figure. It is all good stuff.

The method is excellent because one normal cube is used to then be able to put any color selected on one side and completely mixed colors on all others and to do it with a pretty simple algo of 8 moves.

Well worth the price, thank you Diego...

The Dark Side of the Cube by Diego Voltini