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Utsukushii - magic

Utsukushii, the billet-less pin reveal, is a sure fire way to guess a single digit number someone is only thinking of, without anything having to be written down or props of any kind. It can then be used to work out other numbers such as pin codes, phone locks and entire phone numbers. If you would like to be able to reveal the pin numbers of strangers you meet or guess numbers which only exist as thoughts in a person's mind, using only words, then this method is for you. NO dual reality is used. NO stooges or instant stooges. It can be used close up or on stage with a 100% success rate. It's elegant, it's clean and it's direct.

Key Points:

  • It can be used anytime, anywhere!
  • It's a prop-less effect.
  • No stooges are used.
  • It's easy to perform.
  • It's a solid method.

Pages: 15 - A5 size - saddle-stitch binding, full-gloss colour cover

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Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the March 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Jared Kopf

The method is a bit convoluted, but a skilled mentalist should have no trouble using this technique. Done properly, it could be one of the closest things to real telepathy that a pseudo-psychic can perform. Furthermore, Utsukushii’s underlying technique could be applied in a wide variety of effects. Best of all, it uses the participant’s private information, making even the most generic revelation feel personal.
Utsukushii is a fantastic piece of modern mentalism based on a classic principle. No gimmicks are required, only the intangible thoughts of a willing participant.



I got this and it can also be found in Fraser’s Book if Angels. I think that the effect is overpriced for what you get. Also, for some reason I think that it only works in the year that Fraser put this out. I wouldn’t recommend this but the thinking was cool.