Magifest Online

Watch and interfact with Magifest from the comfort of your home!

Experience all Magifest events ... including sessioning!

Magifest online

In an effort to make Magifest accessible to everyone in a safe and convenient manner, we're debuting a streaming option for attending the convention.

For the first time ever, Magifest will be entirely live-streamed. During registration, you can choose to attend in person or online — and either way, you'll be able to download the entire event afterward so you can review it whenever you like. You'll even be able to decide closer to the convention date whether you'd like to attend in person or online. It's entirely up to you.

If you choose to attend online, we're doing everything we can to give you the full Magifest experience:

• Online live broadcast of all events
• Online dealers tours and purchases
• Digital hangout and session rooms
• Download everything afterward
• Extra content for online viewers in breaks

All shows, lectures, and events will be viewable online, and we’ll set up virtual tours of the dealer room where you’ll be able to see and purchase the latest releases online. You’ll even be able to hang out in virtual jam sessions with other online viewers, and we (Andi and Josh) will be engaging directly with online viewers to feature interviews with performers and attendees throughout the weekend.

ALL registrants, online and live, will also receive a downloadable package with the footage of the entire schedule. In a sense, this is a tremendous feature that no convention has ever offered before, and it’s all included in your registration fee.

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