Con Cam Coincidencia

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson
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Con Cam Coincidencia

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Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($14.95)

The trick that helped Shin Lim win America's Got Talent!

Con Cam Coincidencia is merely a card trick, but when performed well it can be a remarkable piece of showmanship. The effect requires the participation of three individuals and takes no more than four minutes to perform. The end result is nothing short of a miracle. 


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Paul Wilson has created a stunning and inexplicable coincidence routine. The feeling of the routine is that the person who selected the card is controlling all the actions and that the performer is in the role of spectator along with two other audience members. Very subtle but clear handling which results in astonishment . Highly recommended.



Although I will not get many chances to use this great effect - as I perform Close-Up at mainly weddings and parties - this is a real winner! Very easy to perform and almost impossible to work out.