Father Alex on Hand Mucking

Magic download (video) by Father Alex
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Father Alex on Hand Mucking

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Magic download (video) by Father Alex ($10.00)

The HIT of this year's The Session was seeing Father Alex (a high-ranking Priest in Paris, who also happens to be a world expert in cheating sleight-of-hand) demonstrate THREE hand-mucks to switch one tabled card for another.

Widely regarded as one of the hardest moves at the gaming table, hand-mucking is a way, with one hand, to switch a tabled card (or cards) for palmed cards. Here, he shows THREE different methods—one highly original—that allow you to switch tabled cards. One of them is easy enough to master in one sitting, and in another, you create a double right in front of the audience.

The download is a mixture of live footage and studio-shot close-ups, which makes learning and admiring these moves a blast.

Running time: 19 minutes.


Customer reviews for Father Alex on Hand Mucking

Nick Alexander

I saw this live and it was superb - highly recommended


Stuart Kennedy

This is why Vanishing Inc rocks. To see this stuff taped in a live setting means so much, because rarely can these things be done in real life. I was very impressed by the clarity in teaching and video. Another hit download guys!


Utah Patel

For YEARS I have wanted to incorporate handmucking into a gambling demonstration. This is the FIRST PLACE I've ever been able to learn it. EXCELLENT work. Highest rating!


Taylor Hudson

EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. Could have made a DVD out of this for twice the price and it would have been worth it. This man is so talented!


Mats Kjellstrom

A very useful move, explained in detail. Keep up the good work. I use hand-mucking for open prediction effects, combined with a memorized stack, almost overkill. And, you a have a big advantage at the cardtable, is not that unfair?


Luis Rivera

This is by far one of THE BEST instructions I have EVER seen on hand mucking.

You guys need to seriously bring Father Alex back for more lessons on hand mucking and gambling demonstrations.

I highly recommend this!


Jorge Betancourt

Great download! Very clear teaching from Father Alex, I liked that you can see Father Alex’s lecture at The Session. Definitely looking forward to more downloads from Father Alex in Vanishing Inc.