Impossible (Download Bundle)

Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl
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Impossible (Download Bundle)

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Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl ($15.00)

Ben Earl caused a SENSATION last year when we released his Less is More hardbacked book, as well as his deck-switching treatise. People know him for beautiful and intricate sleight-of-hand. Today we present a new side of Benjamin Earl, with two ENTIRELY self-working card tricks, each one an exquisite example of smart construction and subtlety.

Ram Jollock - An INSANE magician-fooler, this effect requires absolutely no sleight-of-hand at all. ANY pack can be used and this is what happens: a spectator cuts anywhere into a deck and remembers the card he cut to and IMMEDIATELY replaces the packet back so the full deck is square. The cards are cut and shuffled multiple times by the spectator, and then the selection is moved anywhere he likes in the pack. When you take back the deck, you can immediately spread through and remove the chosen card.

Red Herring - In a completely free manner a pack of cards is shuffled and a card is remembered. The pack is then given any number of shuffles and cuts, and yet the performer is able to instantly find the selected card.

Two downloads. Total running time: 37 mins.


Customer reviews for Impossible (Download Bundle)

Malcolm Pizzey

If you are considering any one of these downloads don’t hesitate get both as they are both effects that will blow the socks off both the laymen and magicians alike!!!


Steph Beach

Oh My! I'm stunned, Ben
BRILLIANT and so easy.
These will be in my next restaurant routine.
I Love them.
Stephanie Beach Magic
And I love his assistant!


Great effects ... both deceptive in the extreme !!! One reminiscent of an Anneman effect ... the other allows the opportunity for "jazz magic" --- both are fun to perform - and to learn. Two of the most fun effects I have seen/learned in recent times !!!


It´s so bad so save your money........... ;)
This is so good so i ´ll cry, easy to do and it will make you look like a card pro !!
Thanks Ben Earl !!!!


Norberto Jansenson

It is such a pleasure to learn new and useful techniques from a true professional.
There are thousands of things taught in these videos, besides the main technique/trick you purchase. Things that will serve any magician, any professional, to achieve great things in anything they undertake.

There are tricks, and there are University Degree offerings, in the magic world. Most of the tricks will be forgotten, when not tossed to the trash, eventually, but these jewels will remain in our arsenal for a lifetime.

I learn to love magic again, a deeper love, a stronger love, an even more committed bond and responsibility after I saw this two videos. I long for more nurturing material like this. Thank you for making these available to all of us.



Jaron Lammertink

This is effect is great. A must have for everyone.


Carl Andrews

This is so good I hesitate to write this review because I don't want everyone to know this material so I can fool them one day :)
Two thumbs up and a twist!


Taiz pian

Two excellent effects!! Both magician foolers, these tricks are exactly as advertised.

Note, that Ramjollock is the harder of the two, being a bit finicky at first to learn, but with a bit of practice its mechanics can be learned with precision. Ben teaches expert manipulation of a spectator, and his insight is well worth the price of the download.