Impromptu Duo

Magic download (video) by Caleb Wiles ($10.00)

We're avid followers of Caleb Wiles. Josh published his first original routine in MAGIC, and Vanishing Inc. Magic published his first book, DVD, and trick collection. Now we bring you two of his favorite routines, when handed a shuffled deck of cards.

The first is "Multi-Monte," a perfect routine to do for four or five people, wherein a red Queen vanishes, changes, and is where you least expect it. At the end, it vanishes entirely. The best part? This stunning routine--which is a true performance piece--uses only basic sleight-of-hand.

"Crosseyed Triumph" is a beautiful new, simple twist on the Triumph plot, and like the rest of Caleb's magic, you will be using this within minutes of learning it, and celebrating its smart, elegant construction.


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Customer reviews for Impromptu Duo

John Carpenter

Love "Multi Monte." Locking this baby into my working repertoire right now. Classic card handling in a perfect construction.

Jack Carpenter


John Guastaferro

Caleb never fails to impress. These are two strong workers that I will absolutely use. Thanks Caleb for your creativity and smooth twists you bring to magic.


Douglas Halliday

Great download with good instruction and well explained. A keeper for sure. Love the impromptu stuff! Thanks,