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Magic download (video) by John Carey
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John Carey Streamlined

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Magic download (video) by John Carey ($10.00)

We have watched John Carey blossom into a true creative force in card magic. At The Session this year, we asked John Carey to prepare a VERY special download for us. Essentially, he has crammed an entire DVD's worth of material into just one download, for just $10. And you know what? The material is simply tremendous. We call it Streamlined.

The crown jewel of the download is John's simple, "Think-a-Think" effect. It's this simple: the spectator THINKS of a card from a face-up spread, and you do the same. Both cards are found without ANY funny business or sleights. No gaffs, totally impromptu. We can't tip the method, but we can tell you that Dani DaOrtiz would be proud. This is, for us, EXACTLY the kind of magic we seek out: strong THINK-of-a-card material that is doable in the real world, and has huge impact.

So what else is there?

Lark Hill Opener: A lovely Ambitious-esque sequence with lots of sweet, little finesse-points.

Kung Fu Do as I Do: A terrific, dare-we-say definitive handling of this classic effect wherein a spectator follows your actions.

A Little O&W: A lovely new take on Oil and Water to add to your new repertoire.

A Mystery in Time by George McBride: The legendary George McBride has kindly consented to allow John to perform this fantastic illusion, in which you combine the best elements of the Hamman's Mystery Card Plot with Elmsley's Between Your Palms. The result is an instant classic you will want to perform right away.

With Thanks to Justin: This is a beautiful card control sequence, and John does it absolutely beautifully.

Plus FIVE more amazing items in this one-hour long download.


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I'm a fan of John Carey's work, and I can honestly say that I use his material in my everyday professional work.

Think-A-Think alone is worth the $10 price tag. Lovely piece of mentalism with cards!



John Carey does not disappoint. I have been using his routines for some time now and I truly enjoy the thinking behind his effects. This download is no different. Clever, baffling and entertaining effects is the key stone of his work. I was really impressed with Think - A - Think, A Little O & W routine and A Mystery In Time. They are really excellent routines that are very entertaining and very baffling. I also love Carey's use of very clever sleights that are seldom or never used by Magicians here in the States. Your Hoffzinzer will really get a workout with Carey's routines here and on his DVD's. It is a valuable sleight and one worth learning. His Magic is well worth looking into if you have never seen him before. If you already know John I need say no more. Enjoy. This download is worth every cent and then some. Thank you Vanishing Inc. and John Carey for such high standards and quality.



Hey everybody
I recently purchased streamlined. I have been honing my craft for well over 40 years and can say without a doubt that the material in this download is worth 10 times the asking price. I am so impressed with the impact of each routine! Strong magic each and every one ! If you're looking for alot of really great magic for a tiny little price ....look no further! My suggestion is buy it before it's gone! You'll be glad you did !



This is exellent
I can not say more.
I do not quite mastered the English I'm French! .

Vanishing INc thank you for introducing me to John Carey.

John Carey Streamlined by John Carey