REL Change

Magic download (video) by Michael Brewer ($10.00)

When we were in Austin, Texas last year, everyone was talking about "the move." It's a FANTASTIC color change by Michael Brewer that we just had to see. Wow. Just wow. When you see the trailer, you'll agree—this just looks like a camera trick.

What's fantastic about this move (which is pretty difficult, but not overly difficult) is that you can use it to change cards, bills, and other objects. That's right: when you learn this move, you will have many different effects and applications at your disposal. For us, this makes the incentive to learn it even greater.

The best use, for us, is just causing one card to MELT into another. The entire surface of the card just seems to change. It's what real magic would look like.

"I have to say that this an absolutely stunning change, and I was completely fooled to boot! Just wonderful!" Jack Carpenter

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Customer reviews for REL Change

Peter Anderson

I just downloaded and watched this. INCREDIBLE. I estimate I will be able to do it within the day.


Chris Taylor

I so, so prefer this to things like the Clip Shift, because here you can see more of the cards. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Neil Woodward

So, so great. Well shot, well thought out. A REAL winner. REL is amazing. Get it!


Ben Reed

All I can say is, "Wow." Very well explained and I would love to see more from Mr. Brewer.


Sam Lloyd

I'm very pleased with this and just watched it. I think it's a practical change that, if you watch your angles, could have LOTS of applications.


Yul Largado

This move is for magicians. This isn't practical for real world crowd use; it is extremely angley. There are better color changes and easier ones. I'd prefer the Monet Change; it is more fair looking, more visual, more practical. It's a "new" sleight, but left feeling a little disappointed.


Harry Rose

I disagree with a review above, that this move is only for magicians. It has angle restrictions, but so do lots of changes and moves. But I do magic semi-professionally and this is EXACTLY the kind of thing audiences scream over. Monet Change is a MINOR variation of an existing Walton move, and lacks the visual quality of this one. I love it!


Shaun Rowe

This is INCREDIBLY good. Saw Michael do this at a TAOM and it's amazing. I disagree with the advertisement: it says it is somewhat difficult. EASY! Once you get the hand positions it will start to work immediately.


Philip Hanlon

Sorry have to agree withYul Largado. This move isn't practical for real world crowd use; it is EXTREMELY angley. There are far BETTER colour changes and easier ones out there. Personally I wish I'd saved my money.


Albert l

I disagree with Philip and Yul. This move is no different from a snap deal, Zoso Change, the pass or any other advanced sleight. I've gotten great mileage from the sleight after being shown it. It's also a sleight that has so many other uses than what is shown on the download. Like a subtle billet change. It is a Grade A for me.


Tim Terhorst

Very nice download. Very well explained. I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner. 1 because it's not easy, and 2 because the angles are very limited. You will find yourself performing this for no more than 2 at once. Which is pittie because it has so many applications....