Turnaround Swivel Pass

Magic download (video) by Dan Fleshman
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Turnaround Swivel Pass

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Magic download (video) by Dan Fleshman ($10.00)

Dan Fleshman is a seasoned veteran in magic. He has made his living from close-up magic for more than thirty years, and he was one of OUR early inspirations in magic. That's why we're honored that we can release Dan's seminal, new pass EXCLUSIVELY on Vanishing Inc. Magic. 

The pass is terrific: silent, no fast motions, and—this is the important one—can be done close-up OR for parlor. We've been in search of a pass that can be done for larger groups, since the angles of a pass typically require one to be in close proximity. Here, the pass works as well from a distance as close-up.

It's a joy to watch Mr. Fleshman teach this pass, both because it's perhaps his most ingenious original card sleight (and his passion is evident) and because he is such a detailed, clear teacher.

You will DO this pass after watching this download.


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I NEVER LEAVE REVIEWS!!!!!! But I bought the Dan Fleshman turn around swivel pass this morning. And I would like to give you guys Kudos for bringing some great exclusives that are not junk! From some magicians that may not see the spotlight as often as "others".

Case and point, Mr. Fleshman I met him a couple years back at the Castle. I was sitting with Howard Hamburg in the "new" Vernon corner (Howard has been my Friend/Mentor/Teacher for many years!) talking as usual, All the performers tend to flock there. But this night Dan comes up, we start talking and he shows me this move out of the kindness in his heart. The next week I'm talking to Helder, and Dan's name comes up. Helder remembers a lecture Dan gave in Portugal 15 years ago and he too had the same sentiments as myself about Dan's character.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you guys are putting out some great stuff with excellent customer service! I didn't buy Dan's Download because I wanted to learn a "move" I already knew (The Move is Awesome though!!!), I bought it to support a great guy in magic instead of some new fad! I hope you guys stay on the same path and keep supporting the good guys!!!!



Seriously, this is a good control and a good download. Thanks, Danny!



This is one of my favorite moves. I have been using it for some time after learning it from Dan. I purchased the download to review it before recommending it to my friends. Dan does a great job with the explanation and the production of the video is good.

You constantly hear stories about buyers remorse with magic downloads. A lot of them don't live up to the hype. You won't experience that with this one. I highly recommend it.



It's a really great move. Dan makes a good work teaching the turnaround swivel pass, it's a good alternative to the classic pass, you can do it in a very relaxed way because the technique is easy to master.

I recommend it, I started practicing since I learned it. I'm a big fan of the Classic Pass but now I have an alternative way of doing a pass depending on the situation.

Turnaround Swivel Pass by Dan Fleshman