Waltzing Cheek to Cheek

Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay
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Waltzing Cheek to Cheek

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Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay ($10.00)

Imagine combining one of the strongest card effects possible--fusing two cards together--with another one of the strongest effects of all time, Al Leech's Cheek to Cheek. Now imagine you could do both WITHOUT a table. Finally, imagine that the trick instantly resets itself for repeat performances. Available here for the first time for only ten dollars. For just ten bucks, you just found the closer to your strolling repertoire. 

"Without doubt the strongest, most practical version of the fusion plot I've ever seen. I recommend Josh's "Waltzing Cheek to Cheek" to every magician I meet, and I never do a show without it in my back pocket."
—Joel Givens, from the hit book, Session

"A practical, magical approach to a very powerful trick. There's a lot of deceptive magic in one tight routine."
—Tony Chang, creator of Change

"I get GASPS with this trick, and it is the one people WALK AWAY talking about when I perform. It leaves them with a souvenir and a memory they will cherish. What more could you ask for in a magic trick?"
—Andi Gladwin, Vanishing Inc. cofounder

Joshua Jay writes, "I developed 'Waltzing Cheek to Cheek' years ago because I loved Chris Carter's Anniversary Waltz (wherein two signed cards fuse together). My problem was always that it required a double-faced card and a double-backed card be ADDED to the deck, and this was difficult to manage for a closing piece. I also wanted a version that did not require a table. I was able to solve all those problems with 'Waltzing Cheek to Cheek.'"

NOTE: Cheek to Cheek requires a special deck. You probably already have it but if not, it is available inexpensively.

Running time: 15 minutes, 41 seconds.


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Excellent !
The most convincing triumph routine packed with a fusion finish.
Strong effect, and most important : instant reset !
One of the very rare downloadable magic effects i actually perform.
Thanks Jay !



Waltizing Cheek to Cheek has everything Im looking for in a card trick it's easy to perform the magic happens in the sepectators hands and they get to keep the playing card. Thank You Josh for making this download available
Erick Olson



This is a great trick! This has definitely earned its way into my pocket for walk around magic. Thanks for making this trick available via your website!



Money well spent. A lot of magic for a set up deck and convenience for walk around situations. Although I love the original Anniversary Waltz, this is simpler and safer to perform. A+.



Wow! There are a number of staple effects in my repertoire right now that I feel naked if I am not prepared to perform them; Charming Chinese Challenge, Clipped (paper), Chicago Surprise, a few others in that league. I have to say I am getting incredible responses from WC2C, and it is just as doable and repeatable/resetting automatically as the ad copy says. Wonderful, and such a value! If you don't mind being really entertaining, you might consider getting this!


BGG Reviewer

Waltzing Cheek to Cheek (Joshua Jay) - A practical and powerful card fusion effect

OVERVIEW: One of the best effects you'll see with a "card fusion" plot is Chris Carter's Anniversary Waltz, where two signed cards impossibly fuse together. Joshua Jay has always loved Anniversary Waltz, and in Waltzing Cheek to Cheek, he's combined it with Al Leech's Cheek to Cheek. In this way he's created a suitable closer that doesn't require gaffs to be added to a deck, and can be performed without needing a table.

EFFECT: With Waltzing Cheek to Cheek, two halves of a deck are first shuffled face up and face down into each other; from which two spectators each select and sign a face up and face down card. Then all the cards are shown to have turned the same way (Triumph style), except for two cards which are adjacent - the two selected cards. Then as a final kicker, these two cards are magically fused together in the spectator's hands.

VIDEO: What you get for $10 is an instant download, which demonstrates and teaches the routine, with Joshua Jay himself providing the explanation. The entire video is just over 15 minutes long, of which the first four minutes have a performance, and the remaining 10+ minutes are the explanation. The downloaded file is about 100MB in total size, and the entire process of getting the file and watching it proved hassle-free for me. Besides the performance demo, the video recording of the explanation features Josh in a studio explaining the effect, and a variety of camera angles are used to ensure that everything is clear and easy to follow.

ORIGIN: Joshua Jay acknowledges that the origin of this routine lies in Chris Carter's Anniversary Waltz. He also gives major credit to Doc Eason, who put out the marketed version of this effect, and he had Doc's permission to put out this variation. But Josh wanted something more practical. Magicians familiar with the Anniversary Waltz routine will know that resetting the trick is one of its challenges when performing it multiple times in a walk-around setting, and what Joshua was trying to overcome was the need to get gaffs into play and out of play.

TEACHING: The explanation video explains the background behind the effect, and the hurdles that Josh was trying to overcome in the adjustments he was making to the usual Anniversary Waltz routine. He then goes on to explain how to make the deck, which will require your own gaffed cards, which most magicians will already have plenty of. Josh also gives some good tips for how to personalize the magic, for example by asking the couple the right kinds of questions before getting into the performance. It's advice like this that really will help make your performance memorable and create an emotional connection for your spectators, which is key to a successful performance. He's a good teacher, and does a good job of explaining everything you need to know in order to learn and perform this effect.

DIFFICULTY: Even though it's not a complicated trick, because the gaffed deck does a lot of the work for you, this is not a trick suitable for beginner magicians. There are some moves that aren't present in the original Anniversary Waltz to ensure that the gaffed deck remains hidden ahead of a face-up and face-down shuffle. The display of the Triumph effect is super clean and easy, but there are some subtleties that you need to do in order to get the correct cards signed. Josh also uses a different handling to accomplish this than the original Anniversary Waltz (no DLs, for example), which shows that he's done his own development and applied his own thought to accomplishing the effect. On a difficulty scale, I'd suggest that this is suitable for intermediate magicians, who should be able to master it with some practice, especially if they are already familiar with the sleights that are required.

IMPRESSIONS: The card fusion concept is a very powerful one which I've always loved. The Anniversary Waltz effect takes a performance from being just another card trick to real magic, and especially when there is an emotional hook, such as a performance for a couple, it is strong and impactful. Joshua Jay's variation preserves what was good about the original effect, while adding a Triumph effect to set up the final stage, and uses different handling that creates an instant reset. Some might think that adding a Triumph element ahead of the fusion plot takes away from it, but if performed well it can strengthen the overall effect. Most importantly, by adding this element, Joshua Jay has developed the effect into something that is more practical for a working magician looking to repeat it multiple times at a strolling gig. The only down side of getting a video download means you need to provide your own gimmicks, but most magicians will already have their own stash of DFs.

RECOMMENDATION: Certainly the Anniversary Waltz effect is powerful enough on its own, and doesn't need adjustments to strengthen the magic. But the real advantage of Josh's version is a practical one, in that it enables working magicians to use it for table hopping in a much easier manner. So while I love the original Anniversary Waltz, and the beauty of its simplicity, I can appreciate that applying a Triumph element to this routine has the real advantage of creating an instant reset, and that will make Waltzing Cheek to Cheek something worth considering for working magicians. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame



The Waltzing Cheek to Cheek routine is the best table hopping routines out there. A subtle twist on another classic dual signed card routine ... Thanks !