Magic download (video) by Rune Klan
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Magic download (video) by Rune Klan ($10.00)

Denmark's Rune Klan is back with an elegant coin sequence that is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for formal performances. He developed this routine to be performed for a parlor audience, and you'll see how he expertly uses the glass to amplify the visuals AND signal the magic with an auditory "klink." The best part is that this is a rare case wherein his intelligent use of a shell makes the entire routine pretty easy. Only basic coin handling is used.

When we first saw Rune perform this routine, we knew it had it all: quick, visual, auditory magic that leaves lots of room for interaction and stunning moments of magic. We're extraordinarily proud to be the distributor of Rune Klan's magic, and this is his first release in a very long time. We hope you agree that the wait has been worth it.

In addition, we include Rune Klan’s HILARIOUS torn and restored newspaper. This is comedy-magic gold. You crumple a sheet of newspaper and violently peck pieces off of it in a haphazard manner. When you unfold the paper again, you display that you have torn the paper perfectly into the shape of Star Wars villain Darth Vader. Of course, you can display any cutout you want, but this unexpected, silly routine has garnered Rune huge reactions in his one-man show. Now he shares the work with you! As you can imagine, the trick (and Rune’s explanation) are pure fun, as well as helpful.

Running time: 16 minutes.


Customer reviews for Klink

Stuart Kennedy

This is excellent!

Rune is so funny and his magic is amazing and fooling. The newspaper trick cracked me up and caught me totally off guard.

The explanation was just as much an experience as the performance was. Funny, engaging and comprehensive. Also, I'm really impressed with Vanishing Inc.'s production quality nowadays. The video looks great!!


Henrik Kaur

The coins vanish underneath the glass is very impressive to me. The whole trick I love. Explanation video is very good.


Evan Paquette

I bought this download for the newspaper tear, and the explanation leaves a lot to be desired. What should I do first? Second? Third? What supplies do I need? How long does it take to make? I can make some guesses by watching and pausing the video, but I am still confused and frustrated after watching the explanation 5 times. I am not very crafty and would have appreciated a more step-by-step explanation. Maybe others will have better luck understanding the explanation for the newspaper tear, but I am lost.


vladimir Jenko

I got to say that Rune Klan is the greatest magician out there.
I got the chance to meet him for a while after one of his shows here in Denmark (where I currently live) and his thought on magic is incredible.

This routine is NOT for beginners, the only reason I say so is because the way it's explained.
If you are a magician who has been doing coin magic for over 14-16 months, this would be perfect.

Last but not least, the newspaper trick is explained fast and good, it's understandable.


Harper Allen

Rune is best! He knows how to create incredible coin magic!


Jorge Betancourt

When I choose to perform a magic effect I don’t care about the simplicity or complexity of the method if the effect is powerful, if it feels like real magic is worth the practice. Klink really feels like magic, not a single move is funny or weird, all the moves are natural, this is what makes the difference between someone that creates a trick and someone who creates magic, and Rune Klan created great magic. It is not difficult to do and Rune does a great work teaching it!

At the end he teaches you a newspaper tear to make Darth Vader that is hilarious! This is a bonus effect that you probably will use.


Westley Annis

Everything I have seen Rune do is just funny.

The coin routine is simplicity itself, but the newspaper routine is worth the cost of the download.