At The Table - October 2014

Live lecture by Joshua Jay, Caleb Wiles, John Archer, Nicholas Einhorn and Mark Calabrese ($24.95)

The month of October is the month of magic!

Why should you be there? We have FOUR reasons! Even better, how about FIVE? John Archer, Joshua Jay, Caleb Wiles, Nick Einhorn, AND Mark Calabrese!

John is a stand-up comedy magician from the UK. This guy was officially the FIRST person to fool Penn & Teller on the UK series. If he fooled Penn & teller you know the magic is going to be off the charts. Joshua Jay is the consummate gentleman of magic and has published numerous articles, best-selling DVDs and has authored a best-selling book, making him a "can't miss" event! Caleb Wiles has to be seen to be believed. His magic is organic and 'stunning on unpredictable, live street environments. Highly acclaimed by all the pros and strongly recommended. Nick Einhorn is another Penn & Teller fooler! Need to know the secrets of booking a gig? Nick is your guy. Mark Calabrese was a Creative Consultant for the one and only Criss Angel. You also may have seen him on the hit SyFy show Wizard Wars. This season is going to be EXPLODING with creative magic awesomeness! Don't miss it.

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