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Live lecture by Daniel Garcia ($7.95)

Season 1 of "At the Table" begins March 5th with the one and only Daniel Garcia. Danny is not only one of the most influential creators in the industry, but he is also the most sought-after consultants for television magic. He helped sculpt the television careers of Dynamo, David Blaine and others. He will share with us many of his favorite effects, as well as lots of NEW material. Danny will also bring clips of behind-the-scenes work he has done for some of the biggest names in magic.


  • Time Line 2.0: A signed, odd-backed card vanishes from the box and ends up being the "newly" selected card. Workable, smart, deceptive.
  • Red: A freely selected card happens to be the only red card in the pack.
  • Serial Shuffle: A deck is shuffled by numerous spectators and ten cards are freely dealt out, which end up matching the serial number on the box.
  • Serial Shufflebored: A combination of Serial Shuffle and Simon Aronson's Shufflebored. A smart, natural combination.
  • Deepwater: A Do-As-I-Do Oil and Water Routine with a fabulous kicker ending.
  • Open Coincidence (3 versions): A prediction is shown and the spectator freely deals the cards, stopping on one card, which happens to match your open prediction.


  • 21: Two bills change places while one is held by the spectator.
  • Engage (bill ring): Instantly fold an origami ring out of a dollar bill.
  • Yellow Phone (2 versions): Correctly guess the item a spectator is guessing from a list on your phone.
  • EMIT: Everyone travels back in time, which is proven in this interactive phone effect.
  • Dough Boy: A coffee stir stick is pushed through a bill and then visually penetrates through, leaving no rips.
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Customer reviews for Daniel Garcia Live Lecture

Isaac Dawson

What a great format. Daniel Garcia's magic is direct, visual and really original. I have seen a lot of lectures before and this is truly one of the best.


Benjamin Bischoff

I knew right from the start that this lecture format is THE way to go. The Ammar lecture was one of the best I've seen so far and Daniel Garcia was right on par. The effects are really direct and surprisingly easy to master and his thoughts on "TV magic" are very interesting. I don't know if this has been mentioned before but Joshua Jay is the perfect host for this format - his goal is not to present himself but to give enough room to the guest performer and make everybody feel comfortable.


Jessie Robinson


The format is great - the magic was excellent!
I'm looking forward to the rest of the "Season"!

Just great!


Regis Hamelin

These lecture are really well produced with multiple angle cameras, and Joshua Jay is really paying attention to the details. I was curious to know more about Daniel Garcia's material and it is actually powerful and technically feasible...and he is really a great entertainer, he is soooo funny.