Crowded Coins

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson
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Crowded Coins

9.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($9.95)

A three-phase coins across routine where three coins appear, travel between your hands and vanish at the end. Everything happens at the fingertips in this exceptionally clean and entertaining coin routine.

Running time: approximately 15 minutes

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For many years, I have searched for a "Three Fly" style coin routine to perform. Now, I have found it and don't have to look any more! Paul's Crowned Coins is fantastic and his teaching style is relaxed and makes it very easy to learn. He doesn't leave anything out including his timing, fine points and all of the whys behind everything he does. All explained in detail as if Paul stopped by your home to give you a private lesson.
What more can I say ... Buy It Now !! and for the money, it is a steal. Bob Allen / Lake Tahoe, NV



I think that this is one of the best non-gimmicked three fly routines out there! There is no hardcore techniques, no weird moves, and very commercial. Paul does a great work teaching Crowed Coins so you don’t miss any detail. I can only say: get this!! If this was a DVD, I think it would be out of stock.

Crowded Coins by Paul Wilson