Bring Back The Schtick

DVD by Quentin Reynolds
$26.60 - normally $35.00 Possibly discontinued.
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Bring Back The Schtick

35.00 usd

DVD by Quentin Reynolds ($26.60 - normally $35.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Bring Back The Schtick - magic

"If you want to know what a professional children’s entertainer looks like, acts like and thinks like then this double DVD set should surely be an essential resource.” That’s what Richard McDougall said about Quentin Reynolds Bring Back The Schtick. Over 4 hours of performances, explanations, interviews and kids show magic history is jammed into these well-produced DVDs.

Over the past 40 years, Quentin Reynolds has probably performed more kids shows in the United Kingdom than any other magician. In these DVDs he shares his best routines from shows designed for three different age groups! You’ll see live performances in front of British school children shot with three cameras. The children's faces prove how effective his presentations are.

On Disc 1 you’ll see these great routines:

  • Silver Sceptre – A magic silver stick comes to life as it rises and slithers out of its case. Quentin includes tips on how to get better reactions from this classic effect. AmazeKids Danny Orleans immediately ordered one after watching this video.
  • Handkerchief Mouse – Quentin’s updated version of his own presentation. Explanation is not included for this routine because it’s available on “Five Minutes with a Pocket Handkerchief.”
  • Magic Drawing Board – Quentin’s routine filled with extra gags and tips on timing
  • Lovey Duck – Five minutes of action-packed magic, laughter and surprises with this classic kids trick
  • Cedric’s Phone – An original bit of business for the wee ones
  • Invisible Silks – A routine that boosts the ego of any child helper
  • Origami Art – A trick that will fit into any themed show
  • Obedient Block – When kids catch the magician as he tries to trick them, the whole trick backfires ending in a big laugh
  • Three Worms – Quentin’s fun presentation of Professor’s Nightmare
  • Cords and Wand – 8 minutes of pure schtick for parties large and small
  • Wandering Block – Contains two great ideas for your ABC block routine to get a bigger reaction
  • Fishing Competition – A competitive game for parties that adds 10 minutes of laughter and excitement to your show.
  • Chinese Rings – This bonus routine has a number of gags, moves and suggestions that you’ve never seen before. If you do any kind of Linking Ring Routine, you have to see Quentin’s handling.

On Disc 2 you’ll enjoy Quentin’s interview as we learn about his life in magic, plus you join him on a journey to yesteryear as he looks at children’s entertainers in the UK and their legacy of excellent magical effects. He even demonstrates many of the original props from his collection!

  • Bertram’s Letter For The Conjuror and Changing Die
  • Eric P. Wilson’s Wunda Villa and Snowman
  • Ken Little’s Mysto The Mighty
  • Peter D’Arcy’s Magic Bricks
  • George Wallman’s Carrier Bag Gag
  • Cedric Richardson’s The Rose
  • Len Belcher and Bob Ostin’s Choo Choo Train
  • Ali Bongo’s Clarence and the Magic Thingamajig
  • Milbourne Christopher’s Forgetful Freddie - a new look at a classic including archived footage of Quentin performing it in the 1980s!

Whether you’re a full time or part-time kids show pro, or someone that wants to learn how to effectively perform magic for children for fun or to boost your income, you’ll learn great routines and many of the real secrets to doing kid shows when you get Quentin Reynolds’ Bring Back the Schtick.

I don't perform for children but I thoroughly enjoyed these DVDs. Quentin not only tells us how but, more importantly, why. Excellent thoughts on psychology, acting, timing, pausing and pointing. I especially enjoyed the second disc where Quentin talks about British children's magicians of the past and demonstrates some of their wonderful magic. Really fascinating." Eugene Burger
"This is absolute gold to any children's entertainer whether experiences or a beginner." Terry Herbert
"This is not a video lasting 40 minutes or so -- no -- in fact its duration is 240 minutes. No padding. Packed with superb presentations and explanations, bits of business and comedy gags suitable for all age groups. I thoroughly recommend this set of DVDs to all children's entertainers. It's one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of watching." Ian Adair
All I can say is if you are into entertaining children with magic, this DVD will not disappoint. Quentin is a real thinker and I loved watching this guy work. It becomes obvious right away that he thinks out every single facet of each routine to make it the best it can be. I can honestly say I have learned some new things from watching this DVD, especially the importance of “pauses” and Quentin is a master at this bit-of-business. I definitely give this DVD two thumbs up! Tommy James

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