Fruits Of Our Labor Bill In Lemon

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Fruits Of Our Labor Bill In Lemon - magic

Ever been afraid to do a Bill in fruit effect due to the handling or limitations of the way you work or your environment? This DVD will conquer that fear! Bobby Maverick teaches you everything you need to know about how to achieve one of the greatest effects in magic. With so many sources, its hard to find one method that works for everyone, so Bobby has brought them all to one place! Whether it's a kiwi, an orange, or a lemon, whether it's out of your pockets, out of a brief case or off a table...he covers every conceivable situation, preparing you for the streets!

"The Fruits of out Labor is a complete course to Bill in Lemon from one of America's top buskers. Highly recommended!" -Eric Jones

"Bobby has trimmed all the fat and improved a routine that isn't just for the street. He's got years of experience in the methods he presents here. No matter if you workout of your pockets, from a briefcase/bag, or on a table he has covered it all! This is the real work from a real worker!" - Kozmo

"I have preformed many versions of a Bill in Fruit and Bobby Maverick's "The Fruits of our Labor" DVD is the best bill in any fruit I have seen. I will be using his ideas in my Magic of Nutrition H.S program." - Mike Miller

"From street shows, to restaurant workers, to large stage shows, this DVD covers all the bases for a highly effective "Bill in Fruit" routine!"- Keith Fields


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I was disappointed because it's nothing really new here. I bought Bill to Kiwi DVD by Carl Cloutier many years ago and it's way better. This DVD is essentially Carl's routine in my opinion. Save your money and get something else.

Fruits Of Our Labor Bill In Lemon by Bobby Maverick