Gregory Wilson In Action Volumes 1 - 3

By Greg Wilson
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Gregory Wilson In Action Volumes 1 - 3

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By Greg Wilson

All 3 DVDs or downloads for $104.85 | Also available individually

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Gregory Wilson In Action is a three volume series that covers Gregory's wide performance repertoire. You'll learn from the master of impromptu magic and get to see Gregory in action performing on the street, in coffee shops and other impromptu situations.

These discs are JAM-PACKED with engaging and entertaining gems. No fluff. No filler. No fodder. Almost six hours of freak-out footage!

With snow-capped mountains and plush pine trees as the new L&L backdrop, you'll see people laughing, screaming, losing their breath and simply staring into space from pure astonishment-and that's just from the striking lake view. Greg's magic isn't so bad either. Some of the bonus footage was shot in studio but most of it was filmed outside for real people around the spectacularly stunning Lake Tahoe area. It looks and feels like a street magic TV special. In other words, Gregory Wilson IN ACTION!

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Also available individually as hard copy or downloads:

Gregory Wilson In Action Volume 1

The Backstage Pass - This has been Greg's secret weapon for fooling the very best magicians all over the world. No flash. No noise. No detection.

Body Piercing - A coin penetrates your hand and then the spectator's hand in a very surprising way. You have to experience this "first hand!"

Weighted Aces - Greg's logically routined version of Doc Daley's Last Trick. Since it happens in the spectator's hand, it has the impact of sponge balls!

The Tell - A peeked card with a compelling "poker tell" presentation.

Pitch & Ditch - Toss any coin and it morphs into another coin in mid-air.


-Jumping Gemini
-Coin in Watch
-Band Thru Wrist
-Fistful of Dollars
-Reset with a Hook
-Box Spring
-Card to Pocket
-Hundy 500 (performance only)

Gregory Wilson In Action Volume 2

KISSING UP - If you must resort to using magic to meet women, this is it! Admittedly, Greg has used this successfully and shamelessly for many years.

VANISH 5000 - The contents of a sugar packet cleanly and cleverly vanish without a trace--- and without a thumbtip! the author of Magic for Dummies praises this as the very best trick in his book!

OFF BASE - A broken and restored wine glass. Perfect for restaurant workers.

FLAT-OUT MONTE - Greg's five-phase 3 Card Monte routine he's been using for over 20 years and chose to debut at the latest MAGIC Live! convention.

VERNON'S BOAT TRICK - Performance only, in the freezing winter waters of Lake Tahoe. But well worth watching Wilson almostt get hypothermia!

PLUS: Head Trip; Coin Thru Table/ Credit Card Thru Table; Coin From Head; Multi-Color Pen; Blind Date; Learner's Permit To Thrill; Recap; Dishonest Abe; and Sticks And Stones(performances only)

Gregory Wilson In Action Volume 3

Time Card - tidy technique for telling time with a deck of cards.

The Slot Machine Scam - A secret way to scam, sham and flim-flam a real slot machine for a real jackpot! You'll immediately book the next flight to Vegas after watching this.

Chip on Shoulder -An appearing and disappearing casino chip-with a very surprising Apollo Robbins finish. See title.

Throat -impressive demonstration to find all four Aces with a casino cut card.Greg has used this on a number of TV talk shows.

Foreign Affair - Each time you fold a one dollar bill, it changes into another country's currency-from a Pound to a Euro to a Ruble to a Yen-and finally into a perfectly examinable hundred dollar bill!


Garret Thomas' The Ring Thing
Son of a Switch
Stunt Double
Bounce No-Bounce
King-Size Travelers
AND bonus footage of Greg's 20-minute (performance-only) stand-up comedy magic show from a top casino-resort in Lake Tahoe.


Customer reviews for Gregory Wilson In Action Volumes 1 - 3



"Gregory Wilson In Action Volumes 1 - 3" offers an exhilarating journey into the world of impromptu magic with the master himself. Volume 1, in particular, showcases Wilson's unparalleled repertoire, featuring a plethora of mind-bending effects that will leave audiences speechless.

From "The Backstage Pass," Wilson's covert weapon for mystifying even the most seasoned magicians, to the visually stunning "Pitch & Ditch," where a coin transforms mid-air, each effect is meticulously crafted to captivate and astonish.

Wilson's teaching style is impeccable, making even the most complex routines accessible to all skill levels. His performances, shot amidst the breathtaking scenery of Lake Tahoe, evoke genuine reactions of awe and wonder from spectators, creating an immersive viewing experience reminiscent of a street magic TV special.

With almost six hours of pure magic packed into these volumes, there's no fluff or filler—just pure, unadulterated astonishment. As a fan of Wilson's work, Volume 1 is an absolute gem, showcasing his creativity, charisma, and mastery of the art of magic. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a budding enthusiast, "Gregory Wilson In Action" is a must-have addition to any magician's library.

Chip on Shoulder and Foreign Affair are also fan favorites! I would purchase just for those alone!



A great collection packed with incredible magic! Greg is the best!


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