DVD by Mike Scanzello
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DVD by Mike Scanzello ($24.95)

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Insidious - magic

Insidous is the new DVD from the creative mind of Mike Scanzello.

Insidious is a professional 3-phase 'Copper/Silver/Brass' routine that builds to an amazing climax, with everthing examinable at the end.

Phase 1:
You begin with the 3 items in your left hand; a brass key, a dark/dirty coin and a silver coin (signed by the spectator). You close your hand into a fist and remove the dark/dirty coin and hold it in your right hand. The dark/dirty coin can clearly be seen in your right hand, and then visually changes to the brass key and signed silver coin. When you open your left hand, it contains the dark/dirty coin.

Phase 2:
You place the brass key into an open matchbox, which is then held by the spectator for safe keeping. In their other hand (or another spectator's hand) you place the dark/dirty coin and the signed silver coin. You remove the dark/dirty coin from their fist and once again, upon your will you make the two coins switch places. You now have the signed silver coin and the spectator has the dark/dirty coin.

Phase 3:
For the final phase, you drop the dark/dirty coin into the matchbox that the spectator is holding (which already contains the brass key from phase 2), leaving you with just the signed silver coin. The spectator closes the matchbox containing the brass key and the dark/dirty coin. With a magical gesture, you now make the signed silver coin in your hand disappear (using your favourite method). You then ask the spectator to open the matchbox that they have been holding from the beginning and inside they find all 3 items, including the signed silver coin that you just vanished. Everything can be examined.

This is a 100% practical and professional killer routine that uses everyday objects. Simple to learn and master with just a few basic moves and one 'devious little thing' to do to set up.

Points to note:

  • Start and end clean
  • Everything can be examined at the end
  • Ends with everything in the spectator's hand
  • Use coins from any country (up to half dollar size)
  • No shells involved

Comes with the full Insidious 3-phase instructional DVD, a brass key, the custom-sized matchbox and alcohol prep-pads. All you need to supply is three regular coins and a black marker. Also included on the DVD is the Mid-Air, Flip Vanish, additional tips and basic handling, plus thoughts on psychology, misdirection and real-world tips.

Mike Scanzello has created a terrific routine for the strolling performer that packs a lot of action into a short span of time with a few ordinary looking props. . . This routine is intelligent, diabolical and, well, Insidious!Marc Desouza

Approximately 34 minutes of instruction. Thanks to Jay Sankey for permission. Copyright Amazing Moments Agency, LLC 2014 All rights reserved.


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Insidious by Mike Scanzello