Move Zero (Volume 1)

By John Bannon
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Move Zero (Volume 1)

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DVD or download by John Bannon ($30.00)

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Move Zero (Volume 1) - magic
Move Zero (Volume 1) Move Zero (Volume 1) Move Zero (Volume 1) Move Zero (Volume 1) Move Zero (Volume 1) Move Zero (Volume 1)

John Bannon's Move Zero is undoubtedly the most exciting study of self-working card magic this century.

There is not one sleight in any of the eight featured jawdroppingly impossible routines. That's right - no sleight of hand. None. No moves, no sleights. Yet despite being automatic in method, each and every effect is a staggering, explosive, layered stunner. And contrary to expectation of how powerful sleight free magic can be, these tricks will decimate any audience (be they magicians, lay people, even sometimes yourself).

Each routine is achieved with nothing more than an ordinary deck of cards. No gaffs, pencil dots, 'marks', gimmicks or extra cards. Many are also entirely impromptu!

And it is not just incredible tricks you are learning here. The fascinating, detailed explanations Bannon provides on MOVE ZERO reveal his incredible thinking about method, applied subtlety and intelligent layering. MOVE ZERO will help you turbo charge ALL your sleight free magic. This is a true masterclass in trick construction.

On MOVE ZERO you'll also learn seven essential techniques to put into your own 'trickbag'. These are the building blocks of self-working magic. From false cuts done in the open to card forces that spectators can unleash on THEMSELVES!

Forget everything you think you know about self-working card magic. It's time to plug into MOVE ZERO.


  • Collusion 
  • Sort Of Pyschic 
  • Trickbag - Jay Ose False Cut 
  • Trickbag - Cross Cut 
  • Ulterior 
  • Trickbag - Cut Deeper Force 
  • Prophet Motive 
  • Trickbag - Deal & Cross Cut Force 
  • Trickbag - Spectator Ose Cut 
  • Trickbag - Remote Control 
  • Trickbag - Rosetta Control 
  • Ion Man 
  • Trickbag - Equivoque 
  • Ban-nihilation 
  • Four Sided Gemini 
  • Perennial
I knew it would be good, but truly it's one of the best things I've seen in years!Iain Moran
A generous insight into a devious mind. Clever, confounding card magic.R Paul Wilson
Every effect is so well layered and structured and you will not only learn the 'how's' but the all important 'whys'.John Carey
It's a Bannon DVD so...just BUY IT!Dave Forrest
Rich with wonderful thinking and top-notch routines that all EASY to do.Peter Duffie
"Great job on the production and the material is excellent. I give this release my highest recommendation!" DARYL 

Available as a DVD or Download. Running Time - 2hr 4min


Customer reviews for Move Zero (Volume 1)



VI Monthly


Bravo, John Bannon!! The Move Zero series is a revelation! (pun intended)

Highly recommended for the sleightly-challenged mystery performer who wants to amaze with just a pack of playing cards.

As a mentalist who never even learned - never mind mastered - any card sleights or moves, I've long avoided mental effects using cards. But that meant missing out on the utility and ubiquity of a pack of cards for a psychic experiment.

When looking for a "self-working" card effect that I could adapt to a psychic presentation, I found previous collections too mathematical or mechanical for my tastes.

So many thanks to Mr. Bannon for these volumes of highly workable and deceptive effects that require 'zero moves.' Along with solid presentations, his focus on and explanation of the psychology and the thinking behind the construction of the effects are extremely valuable.

With a bit of practice with the handling, I'm now able to deploy a pack of cards for a psychic miracle or two while concentrating almost totally on my presentation.

Plus, for the first time ever, I now can take a seat at the table with the "card guys" at the magic club meeting or convention and show them a little something of my own. BOOM!



This is Quality Throuought. Even though john takes his magic to another levell, but what is great about his magic is, he keeps them simple, yet they are great tricks, and they are so easy to learn. A great video production, starts with a index which is great, this is followed by a great introduction with so much knowledge with this introduction, followed by full demos and tutorials, each one starts with an introduction, they are all very enjoyable to watch, they are all so very well explained, including what not to say, its as if john is undoing all the mistakes we have probably previosly been taught on certain routines. Also if you think you no the trick john is about to teach, think again, as he allways puts a big twist on them, very clever, very easy to learn, an excellent teacher, including lots of very usefull tips, weather within the tricks, or when he explains the false shuffles and cuts, includiing the tool box. This is also great for beginners.
This is an Excellent download.



John Bannon is one of my favorite creators for 20 years or so. I learned the Elmsley Count in order to do his Mirage Assembly, which was a great investment of time both for the assembly and for the move. His work is generally accessible to intermediate magicians, and this product is of course accessible to everyone. I would highly recommend it both for the easy but fooling tricks, and for the general principles he teaches along the way.



In Move Zero one, Bannon treats us to some fabulous card tricks which are easy to do. They look very MAGICAL His explanations are, as usual, superb. I was having fun as i watched.



The most important thing in this video is the magic you will learn. Even if you are an experimented magician you have to take profit of the whole Move Zero project. I love self working tricks even if I do advanced sleights with cards, coins and small objects, and here you will find a bunch of master pieces, but the Mastery of Mister Bannon is priceless. All the philosophy and psychology behind the tricks are the real magic.



I've viewed only the first of the two downloads, and it alone is worth the price of them both. First, as to the magic: I am arthritic and sleight of hand is not a possibility for me; what a delight to find simple, self-working illusions with such wonderful effects -- taught by one who appreciates them and knows how to delight an audience with them. You get the feeling that he not only loves magic, but loves the people he performs for. As to the instruction: John Bannon is a tremendous natural teacher -- he does not go too fast, does not belabor the obvious, and explains the whys as well as the whats -- not only with respect to the physical elements of the trick but as to the nuances of performance that make all the difference in the effect. I'd add that the video work and the sound is also wonderful. Many videos seems halfway just thrown together. This was quality.


Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the August 2016 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Jared Kopf

The experienced magician and novice alike can learn a lot from Jon’s ideas and passion for magic. Even if you are the most threadskeptical curmudgeon, as I am, Finn Jon’s animations and levitations will make you reconsider the possibilities. But even if not, there is enough whimsical thinking about various types of magic to inspire new ideas and a desire to act on them. Finn Jon does an honor to the magic community by choosing to share his Legacy with us all.

Move Zero is an excellent collection of self-working tricks. You will still have to put in work on presenting them and making these routines your own. Bannon’s lucid instructions and citations to the source material, however, will make the effort as close to self-working as possible.



Ever since I saw Bullets After Dark I have loved John Bannon's stuff. The tricks are great, as they always are, and Big Blind Media's production value is A grade. I particularly liked the Trickbag section where you learn different moves. The Jay Ose Cut and the Cut Deeper Force are great. I knew them already but I have piced up some more tips from watching this.


Professional Review Move Zero (Volume 1)

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