Selenium shift

DVD by Chris Severson
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Selenium shift

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DVD by Chris Severson ($25.00)

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Selenium shift - magic
Selenium shift Selenium shift Selenium shift

The Selenium Shift is a move that allows you to control a selected card, put anywhere in the deck, to the top. This shift can also move multiple cards, at different depths in the deck, to the top in a blink of an eye. No breaks. No passes. No disturbing the deck order. It's silent, invisible and oh ya... it's all done one handed.

The Selenium Shift is taught in an over-the-shoulder angle, giving you the best learning experience and an understanding of how the move is done.

You are going to learn the basic shift and a total of ten handlings and routines including: 

  • Multiple Shift: Four selections go into four different parts of the deck, and as they are squared up, they instantly appear on top! 
  • Cover Shift: A selected card is squared into the middle of the deck, and is instantly underneath the top card. 
  • Instant Sandwich: A signed card is pushed into the center of the deck and instantly sandwiched between a pair on top of the deck. 
  • Rising Card: A selection is placed face up in the lower part of the deck, and if by magic, the card jumps up through the deck, until it reaches the top. 
  • One Handed: A card is placed in the deck and as soon as you look away, it appears on top of the deck, one handed, with no cover. 
  • Pseudo Center Deal: 4 aces go into the center of the deck, and you effortlessly deal them out onto the table! 
  • The Full Routine: Schizophrenia: A signed selected card routine that has 3 color changes back to back, and inverted deck, ending with a FULL deck color change. All happening in 10 seconds. 
  • Color Change: A buttery color change that just melts one card into another. 
  • Card Vanish: A face up card instantly vanishes on the deck with no movement.

In addition, there is also a companion book that teaches another Eight techniques, ideas, and handlings in full detail, with over 50 photos to help you learn.

  • Shift Half Pass 
  • Instant Card Location 
  • Gestures 
  • Triple Card Color Change 
  • Snap Change Clean Up 
  • Adobo Two Card Production 
  • Clean Color Change

The best control that I've seen.Charlie Frye
Upon learning the technique, I was amazed that this could have ever worked. It has become a favorite move, one that I know that I can always fool myself with in a mirror that I can't stop smiling at.Daniel Madison


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Selenium shift by Chris Severson