Smokin' Candies - Cigar Manipulations

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DVD by John Rogers ($29.95)

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Smokin' Candies - Cigar Manipulations  - magic

Smokers and non-smokers unite! The reigning king of wooden cigar magic has finally decided to open the vaults on decades worth of tricks, tips and routines, much of which is being revealed here for the first time ever! AND VIRTUALLY ALL OF THIS MATERIAL CAN BE PERFORMED WITH ROLLS OF LIFESAVERS™, CERTS™ AND MENTHOS™! Learn SWITCHING TECHNIQUES, INVISIBLE HAND-TO-HAND TRANSFER, THE CHANGE-UP MOVE, THE FLIP-UP MOVE, SCOOLBOY PENCIL VANISH, CIGAR SLEEVING, THE ROGERS CIGAR HOLDOUT, DAVID STONE’S QUICK CHANGE, and more, plus:

DOS CIGAR PERFORMANCE - John’s highly interactive, extremely commercial multiple cigar-from-coin-purse routine.

CIGAR THROUGH BODY - An entertaining, anecdotal routine designed to illustrate the fact that cigar smoke goes into your body, but not all of it comes out.

CONTINUOUS GUM & CANDY PRODUCTION - Produce a roll of Lifesavers™ at your fingertips, then another, then another, each time dropping the roll into an upturned hat on the table, when suddenly, instead of Lifesavers™, a pack of gum appears at your fingertips, then another, then another, then a roll of Certs™(!), and on and on until there’s enough candy and gum for every kid at the party!

Smoke N’ Candies is a cornucopia of vanishes, productions and routines designed to engage real-world-audiences with items they’ve all had in their pockets! Plus everything you need to know about the astonishing variety of realistic wooden cigars and cigarettes (both lit and unlit)


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    Brett asks: Does anyone know where to get the actual wooden manipulation cigars?

    • 1. Tom answers: I have the cigars, purses, manuscripts etc. Still in the packaging. New.
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Smokin' Candies - Cigar Manipulations by John Rogers