World's Greatest Magic - Cups and Balls 1

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World's Greatest Magic - Cups and Balls 1

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World's Greatest Magic - Cups and Balls 1 - magic
World's Greatest Magic - Cups and Balls 1 World's Greatest Magic - Cups and Balls 1

What can one say about the Cups and Balls? It's an iconic trick and has become almost as synonymous with the conjurer's art as the proverbial rabbit from hat. It's certainly one of magic's oldest tricks. But why has this trick endured the centuries? For one thing, a Cups and Balls routine can incorporate many different effects - there can be vanishes, appearances, transpositions and productions. For another, it's always been regarded within the magic world as a kind of measuring stick of a performer's ability.

Cups and Balls effects

  • Two Cup Routine - Tommy Wonder
  • Cups and Balls - Frank Garcia
  • Cups and Balls - Dan Fleshman
  • Award Winning Cups and Balls - Aldo Colombini
  • Classic Cups and Balls Explanation - Dai Vernon
  • The Cups and Balls - Alex Elmsley
  • Egyptian Cups and Balls - Ross Bertram

The other notable thing about the Cups and Balls is the amount of individuality that magicians can bring to their interpretation of the effect, and you'll find no better example of that than the seven performers you'll meet on this DVD. Tommy Wonder begins our journey with his wonderfully self-contained routine with just two cups and two surprise productions and all with no pocket loads! Frank Garcia offers a wide variety of various moves and bits of business with the Cups and Balls, ready to add to your favorite routine, while Dan Fleshman demonstrates his famous sequence with the Cups and Balls, including his amazing five-ball "Fleshman Flash" final load. Aldo Colombini is up next, demonstrating an elegant silent routine that he used to win a prize at FISM, followed by the Professor himself, Dai Vernon, along with Michael Ammar, Gary Ouellet and Steve Freeman, discussing and dissecting perhaps the most popular Cups and Balls routine in magic, the Dai Vernon Cups and Balls. Alex Elmsley is next with a great routine that climaxes with a production you have to see to believe, while Ross Bertram presents a multi-phase routine with many original sequences that will fool even seasoned Cups and Balls workers.

The Cups and Balls should be studied, if not performed, by every magician, and this DVD is an excellent starting point for new students and a wonderful reference tool even for those who have some experience with this foundational effect.

Running time: approximately 2hrs 08min


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Glad I was able to pick up a dvd copy for my shelf completing the series. Cups and balls is one of my favorite effects to study and perform. I have watched many videos on cups and balls and I believe this to be one of the most instructional and enjoyable. Well worth the price, Dai Vernon teaching the wand spin helped immensely. If you want to do cups and balls I recommend this



This is a really good download for the price. The routines are pretty technical and I wouldn't advise it for a beginner solely to learn from. However, I'm a beginner and have still taken a lot from this.

The clips are very old in footage but still are great to know. The performances are also well worth a watch for the price, let alone learning them.

In particular, Aldo Colombini's routine is great and surprisingly not as difficult to do as it looks.


Professional Review World's Greatest Magic - Cups and Balls 1

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  • Bruce asks: Does the dvd teach how to perform each routine?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Yup! you will learn how to perform each routine
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