Genii Magazine - November 2020

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Genii Magazine - November 2020 - magic

Genii the Conjuror's Magazine
November 2020

Francis Menotti's Weird Words by Chloe Olewitz
Tenyo 2021 by Richard Kaufman
Tannen’s Magic Camp Online by Jeff Prace


Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
The Eye by Chloe Olewitz
Exhumations: I Never Touched The Cards by Jon Racherbaumer
Classic Correspondence: Faucett Ross to John Carney by Mike Caveney
Stage as Studio: The Journey Inward/b> by Krystyn Lambert
Positive Magic for Kids: Bracelets to Necklace by Richard Wiseman and David Kaye
Happiness is the Road: Baked Binge by Hannibal
Dealing With It: Diaspora 2020 by John Bannon

Magicana by Jonathan Friedman featuring:

  • International Coins to Handkerchief by Masashi Noshita


Books Reviewed by Ellitot Terral

  • The Neat Review: Issues Two and Three by Ultra Neat
  • Mr. Jennings Takes it Easy by Richard Kaufman

Videos Reviewed by Nathan Coe Marsh

  • Chris Korn Penguin Live 2 by Chris Korn
  • Nick Locapo Penguin Live 2 by Nick Locapo
  • Le Paul Routined Misdirection by Liam Montier

Tricks Reviewed by Suzanne

  • Virtual Visions by Max Maven featuring reviews for:
  • Manhattan Transfer
  • Rainbow Matrix
  • Switch Doctor
  • Lost & Phoned
  • Normal Mailer
  • Check Mates

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