Trick by Jim Krenz
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Trick by Jim Krenz ($30.00)

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Coincidencia - magic

What we all seek in the close-up arena are closers. Logically, you can only close your show with one trick, but we hope you’ve come to the same conclusion we have: that our time with audiences is short, and every trick you do must be a closer. If it isn’t hard-hitting, it has no place in your show (or on the Vanishing Inc. Website). So, with that in mind, we give you “Coincidencia,” which is acclaimed magician Jim Krenz’s closing piece, and the kind of trick that is so utterly impossible that your spectators will remember it forever.

It begins with a fascinating premise and prop: a deck of cards that has been literally cut in two. Despite completely fair mixing and shuffling, you cause a chosen half-card to find its mate. In a gorgeous finale, EVERY SINGLE half-card finds its mate.

This is the complete package: you get the specially-altered cut-in-half deck of cards, detailed video instruction by Jim Krenz, and a closer to your show. Best of all, the trick is entirely self-working, and can be mastered and incorporated into your repertoire almost instantly.

"Coincidencia shows Jim's ingenuity, wisdom, and creativity. It's perfect."Juan Tamariz
""I have watched Jim perform this effect for 20 years. It fooled me when he originally performed it for me and it still takes me in today. When it comes out, put me on the list to buy one.  That's how good and fooling it is.David Solomon
"A solidly structured and highly deceptive trick, with the devious Krenz treatment."Rafael Benatar
"The pedigree of this seemly and seamless grooming of MATCHING CARDS, beginning with Ed Marlo, massaged by Martin Nash, and finessed by Juan Tamariz, is pure bred. Jim Krenz has now perfected it, adding legit shuffles and progressive layers of potent mystery." Jon Racherbaumer

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Customer reviews for Coincidencia

Robert Ball

Love how this trick works. This reminds me of several of Steve Beam and Nick Frost routines. Still very well done.


Justin Alan

I purchased this today and watched the video. I've been performing Aldo Colombini's Jumbo Coincidence for years (that's the final phase of this trick). Everything else he has added to this routine has made this a working masterpiece. I can't be more proud of this purchase and the level of detail that went into creating this effect.


Gerard Cox

One of the best, and most mind-blowing effects I've ever bought.
-easy to do, hard to figure out - a fabulous effect.
-it looks completely fair to the spectators.
-each card can be inspected right away.

not impromptu. You cannot use any deck of card for the performance.