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Color Monte trick - magic

The magician displays three cards-one with a blue spot and two which have red spots. He explains that the cards are used to play a game of chance, the object being to keep track of the card with the blue spot. If you find the blue card you win a dollar, but if you`re wrong then you owe a dollar. He and the spectators will.

He goes on to relate how he was once taken by the game and shows how quickly he lost three dollars. Every time he thought he had the blue card it ended up being the red! Frustrated, he accused the man of not even having a blue card in his hands, but when it was shown on the bottom he lost another dollar! Trying to catch the hustler again, he stated that if the card was on the bottom it couldn`t possibly be on top, but was wrong again and lost another dollar! In a last ditch effort he guessed that it couldn`t be the center card, but once again lost another dollar! His running total was now up to six dollars. Continuing, the performer tells how he told the hustler that he thought more than three cards were being used, but was once again proven wrong and he lost another dollar! Being the gambler he is, he tried one more time, double or nothing. The hustler clearly showed one card with a red spot, a second card with a blue spot and stated all the magician had to do was guess the color of the third card. Red, right? Wrong again-the card isn`t red or blue, but a surprise card no one will expect!Comes complete with the three necessary cards printed on Bicycle stock and detailed instructions.


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BGG Reviewer

SUMMARY: Considered by magicians to be a top packet card trick

Color Monte is a packet card trick that consists of just three cards, but is arguably the best and most powerful packet card trick on the market. Whenever magicians discuss their favourite packet tricks, it is nearly always mentioned multiple times. While it can be done with standard cards, using a blue and red diamond simplifies the effect and makes it stronger.

The routine itself features no less than seven surprising moments for the spectator, with the final revelation being the most impossible of them all - it really blows people away! The nice thing about it is that it has an interesting story to go along with it as well, and is best performed as the magician describing his own experience with a conman. Spectators love it!

However, it's not an easy trick to learn, and will be beyond the scope of beginner magicians, since it requires a couple of sleights that need to be executed very cleanly. So I can only recommend this for intermediate magicians. If you're not already familiar with how to do the effect, you should get a version that comes with an instructional DVD explaining how to do the moves required and sleight of hand.

Color Monte is well worth the effort to learn and master, and comes highly recommended.

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame