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Book by Doug Edwards (From $35.00)

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Nukes - magic

Doug Edwards is known throughout the world for his straightforward approach to card magic. You will find all sorts of surprises and gems with a pack of cards, but the biggest surprise in Nukes is the non-card material included. Doug has finally released his work on magic with ropes, coins, pens, spoons, and more, giving Nukes a wonderful balance between card magic and tricks with other props. Mr. Edwards has even consented to release some unpublished material from some of the greatest minds in magic and mentalism: Roy Benson, Cardini, Dunninger and Zarrow.

You'll learn a strange book test method Dunninger used for years, a critical detail in Roy Benson’s legendary “Benson Bowl” routine that has never been discussed publicly. Also, we’ll explore a special pack of cards employed by the great Cardini, with unpublished handlings.

You will learn Doug's preferred opening effect, a beautiful and easy Ace-cutting procedure, and a subtlety that will take your Zarrow Shuffle to a new level of deceptiveness. Nukes is the result of years spent writing and decades spent developing the material. It is a fascinating and varied approach to magic, by one of the field’s most dedicated and enigmatic creators.

154 pages, hardback

Contents of Nukes by Doug Edwards

  • Foreword (Joshua Jay)
  • Introduction (Doug Edwards)
  • Instant Glimpse
  • Fan-Tastic Palm
  • The Spread Change
  • The Fingertip Card Production
  • Elevator
  • Aced Out
  • Half Shot Hofzinser
  • The Really Inside Zarrow Shuffle
  • Shove Over Shuffle
  • Vertical Optical Cut
  • Card Expert
  • Showpiece Monte
  • Regular and Complete
  • Make Your Mind a Blank
  • Billy O’Connor’s Instanto Deck
  • Cardini’s Vanishing Stripe
  • Almost Any Card at Any Number
  • Wonder Pen-a-Tration
  • A Rose by any Other Number
  • Safety Bend
  • Dunninger’s Directory
  • Sopper and Cilver
  • Bowl’em Over
  • Blocked
  • Rope Fantasy
  • End of a Nightmare!
  • Kicker Rope
  • Frame to Fame
  • Grabbing Straws
  • Balsa Banana
  • A Mysterious Case
  • Snap, Crackle, Zing
  • Geller Coffee
  • What an Epidemic!

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Customer reviews for Nukes

Aaron Atienza

I got it for the Zarrow Shuffle handling alone but got a lot more! The book is easy to read with excellent hand-drawn description of the required moves. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Per Thiman

Doug Edwards collects great magic stuff: Moreover, he also cretes great magic stuff. It's only April and we've got a great contender for Best Magic Book of the Year Award already!