New Magic of Japan

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New Magic of Japan - magic
If you ever have the opportunity to share magic in Japan (orwith a Japanese magician) you will be amazed at just how different western andeastern styles of magic really are. If I had to describe Japanese magic in oneword, it would be “topological.” Their magic often involves changing the natureof something, or causing some part of something to be altered. Their magic isoften beautiful, and is performed in a slow and elegant manner.
The problem is there are very few places to learn Japanesemagic. Fortunately, you’re looking at perhaps the best resource to do so. Thisbook is a hidden gem, and a lovely addition to your library. You’ll find aSTUNNING wine glass production, several STAGE effects, and a host of beautifulclose-up effects. I would consider this collection less “session” stuff andmore performance oriented, which is a high compliment. If you don’t yet havethis book, you can bet it will be a DIFFERENT kind of magic book.

Pages 123 - Hardbound
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jonathon allwood

a twilight book that you might say that you do not need it . But i tell you this with in the pages you will see that make you the man of the house at a friend home..