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DVD & props by Dominique Duvivier ($25.00)

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Printing - magic

This is, without doubt, one of the single greatest card tricks ever invented. It has absolutely everything going for it and we can’t think of a single bad thing to say about it. It’s a wild card effect. That is, you show four Tens and four blank cards. One by one, you “print” the blank cards, making perfect copies of the Tens. But each one is progressively more bizarre. You are able to misprint the cards, printing faces on both sides, printing portions of two DIFFERENT cards on the SAME SIDE, and printing off your clothes or the close-up pad, or anything else you can find. No words do this trick justice: seeing it performed is seeing real magic.

Consider some of the advantages:

* You end clean. We mean it! It’s one of the few packet tricks where, at the end, you can pass out everything, including the mis-printed cards. EVERYTHING IS EXAMINABLE.

* This trick is one of the few packet tricks on earth with a VIABLE REASON TO HAVE A PACKET OF CARDS. These cards ARE special, so you explain, and this is why they don’t come from a regular pack. It all makes sense for you to carry them separately, so no packet-trick guilt.

* It’s completely easy to do. No doubles, buckles, or anything. Just carry out the actions and make magic.

* It’s customizable. We recommend using your scanner and your favorite tie or wallet to customize the ending to print off of something personal to you, and this will triple the reactions you use.

* You can carry it in your wallet. This means it’s with you all the time.

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