Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler and For Your Entertainment Pleasure

Book by Stephen Minch and Daryl ($60.00)

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We are incredibly proud to be able to offer these two volumes, written by Stephen Minch and long unavailable. Now you can get them, individually or as a set, in their beautiful, new, redesigned format.

Secrets of a "Puerto Rican Gambler"
This masterwork encapsulates not only some of world champion Daryl's finest work, but also some of the most influential material of the 1980s. Here we see Daryl's now legendary Cutting Display for Triumph, his stunning, perfect "Mysterious Cross of India" Coins Across, and "The Boomerang Card of Mystery." There are also some forgotten gems, waiting to be resurrected from the early 80s and introduced to a new audience. "In the Pinch" allows you to snatch a selection from a cascading pack of cards. You will also find Daryl's touches on Twisting the Aces, an impossible card location, and more.

For Your Entertainment Pleasure
Originally published in 1982, For Your Entertainment Pleasure helped set the tone for what card magic would look like in the Eighties, and beyond. FISM Champion Daryl, "The Magician's Magician" detailed some of his finest original material here for the first time. There are classics like the Rising Crime Display, Daryl's Snowshoe Sandwich, and his sponge ball routine, all of which foreshadowed much of today's magic. There are also forgotten gems here, like Daryl's Coin Across and an astounding prediction effect using the four Aces.

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Customer reviews for Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler and For Your Entertainment Pleasure

Roberto Gonzalez

I've owned both the originals several years ago. But let me just say that these newly revised volumes are awesome! I think the layout and the additional photos make learning the material much more effective. As for the material, despite these books first printed in the 80's, none of this stuff is outdated by any means. My personal favorites are The Boomerang Card of Mystery, The Mysterious Cross of India, the 2016 addition of Double-Dazzling Triumph, Rising Crime, Silver Anniversary, and The Snowshoe Sandwich. These books have both been long out-of-print and highly in demand, I'm glad Vanishing Inc. has changed that. Highly recommended!


Greg Gelb

My books arrived today and just from opening the first few pages of each I can tell I am going to be in for a surprise. The "guarantee" in the beginning of the Puerto Rican Gambler is amazing and the picture quality followed by the design of the pages are just gorgeous. Kinda makes me wish I bought the $100 option!

A big thank you to Daryl and the team for putting these books back in print. It will forever be used in my library.


Evan Bishop

What an excellent reimagining of 2 classic manuscripts. I never had the originals, but I can assure you that these new editions are top notch in every way. As I read magic books, I always take notes on which effects I want to add to my repertoire; with these 2 books, I struggled to find effects that I did not want to perform!

Daryl was—and, regrettably, I must use the past tense—a masterful magician who created an aura of pure entertainment around him. Stephen Minch did a wonderful job of conveying this aura to us all, and Daryl’s legacy lives on through these works. Every nuance of performance is described, allowing the reader to see the “One Degree Improvements,” to borrow a Guastaferro phrase, that made Daryl’s magic so special. These routines are professional caliber and well worth studying. If nothing else, they will serve as a model for how the magic you already do can be improved.

Finally, everything has been reformatted to Vanishing Inc. standards and the added quality and quantity of pictures has made learning the routines a breeze. Thank you to Andi and Josh for having an eye for classic, quality magic, and giving these books a new life.