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Book by Anthony Owen
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Book by Anthony Owen ($40.00 - normally $50.00)

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Secrets - magic

Anthony Owen was known as one of the most influential creators in the field of mentalism, and many of his original plots and effects are featured in the repertoires of the most famous and respected performers in the field. Mr. Owen was also acknowledged as an expert in the realm of television magic, having produced some of the most memorable content for Derren Brown, John Archer, Pete Firman, and dozens of others. Now, for the first time, Anthony has authored a hardbound collection—the definitive collected works—of his lifetime in magic.

Anthony has created magic and mentalism with business cards, playing cards, borrowed objects, and more. The focus in Secrets is on parlor material, which should be a refreshing surprise for those of us who are constantly in search of good material for large groups. Anthony’s material is almost always interactive, and focused on premise rather than technique. There’s always a fascinating wrinkle to Anthony’s presentations. You’ll learn a routine based around a game show, a diabolical card trick you can watch from underneath, dozens of other fantastic routines that don’t require tremendous practice.

  • 237 pages
  • 45 tricks
  • Gorgeous hardbound, laminate cover

In addition to all of this, Anthony also penned an essay on magic for television, which is essential reading if you wish to work in this field. With a glowing introduction by Andy Nyman, Secrets is the mentalism release of the year, and a book we know you will return to again and again.

Contents of Secrets by Anthony Owen

  • Foreword (Andy Nyman)
  • Introduction (Anthony Owen)
  • Intrerview
1. Sticly Tricks
  • SOBW
  • Lava Lamp (Sebastien Clergue)
  • SOBW Further moughts
  • Voodop Tattoo
  • Brainwash
  • Pred-Ikea-ction
  • Sticky Intruder
  • Me Light Card
  • Miracle Monte 2.0 (with Andy Nyman)
  • Caravan Travellers
  • Sticky Blue Danube
  • Signed Card Anwhere (with John Lenahan)
  • On the Cards
  • Mark of Death (with John Lenahan)
2. Sleights and Sorcery
  • The Caravan Move
  • The Caravan Change
  • The Caravan Sandwich (Roy Walton)
  • Navarac (Roy Walton)
  • The Caravan Kings (Roy Walton)
  • Trick Photography (Peter Duffie)
  • WSBP (Window Stealing Bottom Palm)
  • Ambitious Card Finale
3. Coins
  • The Amazing Karate Pencil of Death
  • Elevated Matrix
4.Out of This Chapter
  • Out of this Street
  • Out of this House
  • Our of this Book from the Library
5. Cards
  • Holey Security Guards, Robin!
  • The Miracle Card (with John Lenahan)
  • Card-Toon Free (with John Lenahan)
  • The Birthday Decld with Paul Andrews)
6. Simational Sorcery
  • Silk Handkerchief to Spectator sleeve
  • A Meal for Monteneuf
  • The Perfect Match (with Marc Paul)
7. Mentalism
  • Killer Kombustion (with Marc Paul & Andy Stone)
  • Re: Monition
  • Number at Card
  • The Natural Lottery
8. Television Trickery
  • Who Wants to Be a Magician?
  • Big Survivor 2
  • Deal Or No Ded
  • Ring on Notepad
  • Recafteinated come (with Mecahon, O'Connor&Pinner)
  • Interactive Magic
  • You Couldn't Planet
  • Superstarsign
  • Cards on TV
  • Top Tips for a Magician on Television

Hardbound. 237 pages.


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  • 1.

    Kevin asks: Is the Caravan Move an original move by Anthony Owens? Or is there inspiration from somewhere else?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: He took inspiration from a number of places but yes, it is Anthony's move.
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Customer reviews for Secrets


The privilege has been given to us all to learn from one of the very best! From a man that has quite literally seen it all comes a culmination of his experiences, wisdom and incredible effects.
I am confident will go down as one of the classics in a very short time.
The second you open this book you are on your way to being a more established, more accomplished and more knowledgeable magician!


Wen long

This is probably one of the best books in Magic I've ever read along with Mnemonica. There is a specific thing you'll need in order to accomplish some of the effects; however, you can replace that thing easily. This is a great read, and would definately recommend it.



The Vanishing Inc. sales pitch was AWESOME! that's why I bought the book. I remember something about tips and hints for TV and instagram.

You see Anthony Owen on the director's chair (awesome desing BTW) and you think you'll get the secrets behind Derren Brown's producer.

And you'll have them in the last 2 (two) pages you'll find those TV tips and well I expected a bit more...

"The focus in Secrets is on parlor material". Nope. You'll get tons of card material. I'll call it 60% cards, 40% parlour mentalism.

The chapter title "Television Trickery" is magic with TV themes. If you thought, like me that this is the chapter where Mr. Owen will reveal his secrets of decades on TV, you'll be mistaken. I thought this book was going to be a big reference for magic on camera. But again, tricks and how to do them is what you'll find. A little bit of theory between explanations of course...

For the price, you'll get a great quality book and some fantastic routines. You won't be disappointed if you only want tricks (card tricks mostly) from a very creative magician.



My eyes glaze over when I read that a single trick is “worth the price of the book.” Get out the Visine — Anthony Owen’s SOBW IS worth the price of the book. It’s the cleanest six-card oil and water you’ve ever seen and likely will ever do. With additional contributions by Sebastian Clergue and David Regal, you’re given optional handlings and I’m sure you’ll come up with others on your own. . In addition to the Oil and Water routine, there’s a unique handling — improvement really — of Arthur Finley’s Tent Vanish as well as ideas on Out of this World. Some of the material in the book you’re VERY unlikely to do — It’s included more for documentation than instruction. Some of the material is hyper-specialized, though the ideas therein can serve as springboards tailored to your particular needs. Some of the material is still rather inchoate, awaiting further thought and experimentation.
But all that aside. If the only addition to my active repertoire were the Oil and Water routine, I would consider this purchase the bargain of the year.