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Simply Simon - magic

Simply Simon is the third hardcover book by Simon Aronson, but it’s the favored volume by most memorized deck practitioners. This book has several of the most complex but amazing memorized deck principles fully explained. The trick “Everybody’s Lazy” is arguably the finest use of a memorized deck in print, and it’s here. So is “Past, Present, Future,” another card trick with an incredible plot line.

The book is densely packed with solid material, and the great thing about all the memorized deck effects in this book is that they are stack-independent. This means that you can use any known stack to perform the effects. You are not locked into Aronson stack here. But be aware, none of the intricacies of the memorized pack are explained here. It is assumed that you know the stack. You’ll either need to learn it from Bound to Please or read the free ebook we’re offering, Memories are Made of This.


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