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Accessory by Mike Eaton ($50.00)

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Vert Card Clip - magic

Professional Florida-based magician Michael Eaton designed this worker’s card clip. The humidity in Florida (and New York and the UK and elsewhere) can warp a deck of cards in minutes, so a card clip is often required to keep cards pristine. Yet Michael needed a way to carry his pack so that he could access it easily and not take up valuable pocket space.

He developed “Vert,” the most intelligent card clip ever devised. The deck is slipped vertically into the card clip, and the clip itself can be fastened to your belt or pants for easy access. These two design features make this the most attractive clip on the market. Precision-made by Joe Porper in the United States, these clips are from a strictly limited edition run and available right now ONLY through Vanishing Inc. Magic.

NOTE: It has come to our attention that Antony Gerard had a very similar design for a deck clip in 1980. Antony is a VERY creative magician and this product exists with his blessing.


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I've been wearing this for the past few days and it has now become a permanent part of my wardrobe. This thing is great! It does everything a regular Porper clip does AND frees up pocket space. With it's sleek jet black color it goes perfectly with any performance situation. Right a home with a high class venue or even street performing, this is one serious piece of card bling. Get one now!!!

Ron Hawthorne



I've never been one to use clips while performing at gigs, but this thing just makes sense. I have never had to worry too much about pocket management as I don't use many props. What makes this worth the price is it allows me to wear the fitted suits I prefer, without the jacket being unbalanced or having one side bulging out. Also, access to the deck is actually faster and smoother than reaching into my jacket pocket. The only thing that is difficult is remembering to take it off before you leave your event. There has been several times that I have knocked it off getting into the car to leave because I forget it's there! This really is a must for a strolling performer.