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In a world of three-volume sets and sell, sell, sell, it’s a rare treat to come across a single DVD that is packed with good magic. Stephen Tucker has released just such a product. Whiplash includes ten items, all solid and worthy of your time. “Jumping Jacks Flash” is both the best trick on the DVD and probably the worst title for a card trick ever. But fortunately, our spectators only see the trick, and the trick is exceptional.

Imagine being able to perform the Haunted Pack without thread. With this effect, you will be able to hold completely still as the pack separates of its volition and CUTS ITSELF at the selected card. And, you do this TWICE. The second time, instead of a slow, eerie cutting of the pack, the card SHOOTS out of the deck. And what if we told you NO SLEIGHT OF HAND is involved? This in not hype. This is the most practical version of this effect on the market today. 

ON ITS OWN, THIS HAUNTED PACK WOULD SELL FOR 30 BUCKS. Here, the gimmick is included free, along with nine other solid magic effects. We at Vanishing Inc. stand behind Whiplash, and recommend it to anyone with an interest in close-up card magic. 

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