Four Dung Beetle Scarab Shells

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Four Dung Beetle Scarab Shells - magic

This is considered a sacred game to almost all Native American nations. Played only in the winter and at night, when Myths and Legends were also told. The Natives played it against sides to see who was going to be more victorious or prosperous in the coming year. It is said if this game is played while the sunshine, that one would be struck blind.

These shells are one of the best shell sets made especially for The Shell Game. These shells are made from a hybrid plastic, cleaned and painted personally by Black Fox. Each shell is sprayed with at least 8 coats of a matte finish, Top + Bottom, The Beetles have about 16 coats sprayed. Each shell is tested for smoothness in operation. These shells are virtually indestructible.

4 Scarab Shells (Available in Red, Green, Blue or Black)
2 Large Brown Hybrid Polyurethane Rubber Peas
3 Small Brown Hybrid Polyurethane Rubber Peas
1 Gold Drawstring Bag
Routines and Instructions
1 Clear 16oz Plastic Jar with Black Lid

Note: Be careful, dropping them on the concrete or asphalt could damage the finish. Shells and peas can be washed with soap and water.

Scarab Shells are available in Red, Green, Blue or Black.

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Rob Signs

The Three Shell Game has been one of my favorite tricks for many years. I purchased a set of scarab shells from Black Fox at a magic club meeting several years ago. They're great shells! The peas they come with are good. I typically use the School for Scoundrels "Perfect Pea," which works perfectly with these shells. The "plug shell" is a nice thing to have as well. I would recommend this set to anyone interested in the three shell game.