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Zener card enthusiasts can now add one the Tenyo Hyper ESP Cards to their arsenal, in one of the most cunningly deceptive versions of marked ESP (Zener) cards available.

The Hyper ESP Cards from Tenyo are allow you to be able to discern the shape on the card from a distance with ease, with a spotted design that looks innocent enough and is sure to withstand close scrutiny. Consisting of the standard ESP symbols, including the circle, cross, wavy lines, square and star, these cards are made to Tenyo's high standard and printed on quality card stock that should last you for years.

With these cards you can perform any number of extra sensory perception based effects such as the classic "second sight", as well as many more supplied with the product.

Each symbol is printed on five cards, giving you a total of twenty five cards in the deck.

  • High quality card stock
  • Easy to read marking system
  • Comes with 25 cards (5 of each design)

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