Trick by Timothy Wenk
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Trick by Timothy Wenk ($25.00)

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Misled - magic

David Copperfield did this on television when we were kids. I still remember it vividly, like it was yesterday. He took a bill (which can be borrowed) and a normal pencil and penetrated the bill repeatedly. At the end, the length of the pencil MELTED THROUGH the bill like butter. This thing looks INCREDIBLY good.

And this is what Vanishing Inc excels at. We’re not after the newest fad. We want to tell you about lesser known gems, and this certainly qualifies. Popular in its day, I don’t see ANYONE doing this anymore, and that makes it the PERFECT trick for you to explore. It’s retro—so old it’s new again. And I believe it to be superior to all the pen through bill effects out there now.  

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A $100 bill and (in most cases) a pencil are borrowed from a member of the audience. The borrowed bill may be marked for later identification if desired. You proceed to use the pencil to pierce a hole in the center of the bill-there`s no doubt that the pencil is truly through the bill. Watch the audience gasp (especially the bill`s owner) at what happens next...you rip the pencil through the bill-the audience clearly sees the pencil rip through and they can hear the sound of paper ripping! Yet, somehow the bill is left completely unharmed!You offer to repeat the effect, this time the pencil mysteriosly melts through the bill in slow motion-it looks unbelievable! Both the pencil and the bill may then be handed out for complete examination. Comes with very special gimmick, pencil and detailed instruction booklet. 


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Oli Atherton

This is an absolutely incredible effect.
Its something that i was shown at a magic shop when i was a kid first getting into Magic. It blew my mind back then. What blew my mind even more was how easy it was to get up to speed on the work involved and how quickly i was able to amaze everyone i showed. In my magic box i have the same gimmick still that i had back then as a kid. It's traveled around the world with me and is something i'll still pull out from time to time. It's awesome to see this on sale here.