Triad Coins

Trick by Joshua Jay
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Triad Coins

59.95 usd

Trick by Joshua Jay ($59.95)

In stock. Order in the next 11 hours, 30 minutes and it will go out today!
Triad Coins - magic

Imagine what it would look like if you could REALLY vanish coins into thin air. Then watch this trailer. Triad Coins is how it would look. No funny moves. No fast motion. No camera edits. You roll back your sleeves. You show three coins. One by one, they just ... disappear. Triad Coins is a revelation in coin magic.

Triad Coins is a double-shell and coin system that allows you to produce, vanish, or change three half dollars at will. You can show BOTH hands entirely empty after the last vanish, and perform the effect in short sleeves. Joshua Jay has honed this miracle over a ten-year period, and the result is an elegant, smooth, and extremely deceptive routine, possible ONLY with Triad Coins.

If you have ever seen Joshua Jay lecture, this is the trick he closes with. Long available ONLY through Joshua Jay directly, Vanishing Inc. Magic is proud to release Triad Coins to the world of magicians.

  • Surprisingly easy to perform
  • 3 routines included
  • Each set is precision-made by hand
  • Comes in a protective storage unit to protect the set

Available in US half dollar, Euro 50 cent, or UK 10p (choose at checkout)

Triad Coins


Community questions about Triad Coins

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  • 1.

    Brad asks: Are they made from real Kennedy half dollars?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, they are.
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  • 2.

    Curtis asks: I recently got something from Joshua jay and it's called traid coins and I bought it and received it and I can't get the video tutorial

    • 1. Tony answers: Please drop an email t they will be happy to help you out.
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  • 3.

    Len asks: Do you have to wear a watch for the final vanish? Sound funny but just trying to understand what is needed to perform. I understand you can do this in short sleeves.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: A watch is needed to perform the exact routine, but there are many options if you don't like wearing a watch.
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Customer reviews for Triad Coins


I have these coin I got then a year ago when Joshua jay did his lecture in Georgia



These coins are pure magic. Received this when Josh was in South Africa. The quality of the shells are superb. I've dropped them twice by accident and they were still perfect.

The instructions are clear and sufficient.
All in all, a job well done Josh. As usual.



These coins allow you to magically produce and disappear three coins. Also, a great toshhree fly routine is explained as well. As Josh says- "the best news-" it is all very easy thanks to this set of gaffed coins. Great magic and easy to perform . Thanks Josh!



This is one excellent product. Workers are going to love this. The coins are very well made and they behave exactly as they are supposed to. You can pretty much perform with these in any setting and the way the coins work together cleans up so so much of what I don't like about coin magic. Joshua Jay's solution for the last coin is simple, practical, and deceptive. Oh yeah, and the core routine is within the grasp of a beginner. If you do coins you should get this. If you don't do coins and just want one routine that's not cards you should get this. A big thank you to Joshua Jay for bringing this to the market and for his continued effort to share quality, practical, and workable material. A+



I bought another set of coins that nest like this and paid a great deal more for them (and I mean a great deal more). While the purest might be able to see some small subtle differences, they are virtually the same and some might argue that the Triad coins are better.
The routine is great magic. If all you do is the three coin vanish (shown on the video) you will love them. If you decide to do the appearance or coins across you will realize that they are worth far, far more than the asking price. The routine is well within the range of any mid-level coin worker (and really, any beginner).
This has my highest recommendation and I would have been happy had I paid twice and perhaps even three times the price. I try not to overstate the value of props or routines, but this may be the best piece that I have ever purchased from Vink (and I have bought a lot). You will not be disappointed.



its so perfect the quality the handling everything best coin magic I've seen in years



Freaking incredible! I love this set and the routine(s) that came with it. This is the first piece of Mr. Jay's magic that I have ordered, and I am impressed. The gimmick is quality made, and is enclosed in the nicest packaging I have ever seen for a magic trick. Most important, the routine is awesome, and the final vanish is ... genius!! I received it yesterday and have been practicing all day. I can't wait to perform this for spectators. Thank you for making this available and sharing it, Joshua!!



Awesome! Picked these up at Blackpool Magic Convention at his lecture. It is an amazing trick and will take a lot of practise but is definately worth it!



I'm using this set with "The Traveler" coin purse and a couple of extra JFK half-dollars. Both are OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS!



This is a superb set of coins that are easy to use yet create a real miracle magic illusion!



Wow! Say it again Wow! Joshua has done it again with Triad Coins. I just got my hands on these and I carry them in my Pro Carrier (another Awesome Joshua Jay product) everywhere I go. Im always ready to blow them away with Triad Coins. If your on the fence about these, I recommend that you order them now! Fantastic effect.

Jeffrey Emery



Bought it. Love it. Can I get it in silver by Magifest?



This is by far the best coin trick I have ever performed! It is easy, visual, simple to follow and blows people away. If you put some work into it, you will have an absolute gem in your hands.



This is by far one of the greatest coin routine I ever bought. It takes a good amount of practise to make it look as clean as in Joshuas performance but with a little time and motivation you can master it very quickly. It's so strong, I'll never leave home without this!



Received the Triad Coins set recently and started to practice with them. I love the effect, but after watching the instructional video a couple of times I notice that despite Joshua's claim that the coins are silent, I hear them clanging together quite a bit when I make them appear. Any advice from fellow posters on how to eliminate the noise? Thank you.



Joshua Jay has done a great job with these coins. The routines are great. You can do so much with these. I had it down within ten minutes and have wowed my friends and family!

The gimmicks do "talk" a little bit but other than that it is a great design! I can't put it down and I take it with me everywhere!

Keep up the magic!!



This is a beautifuly made trick. It’s one of the most ingenious coin production and vanish. I give this 4 stars because you have to have a watch of wrist band. The best that I recommend is a twistoflex band. In all this is an awesome trick. If you like real magic, this is the trick for you



At this price you should buy 2! This is a coinworkers dream.... it's machined with the ultimate in quality ! This fools EVERYBODY!



No doubt about it, it IS a beautiful routine! Well crafted gimmicks, very well thought out sequence of vanishes, and leaves spectators STUNNED! My only problem is that I lost em! Happy to repurchase them, though, because it’s worth it! This time around, I’m gonna buy 2 sets! An Excellent purchase for anyone interested in fantastic coin magic!



Great product did have a few issues with it at first but was about to get used to it highly recommended and worth buying