Accessory by Joshua Jay
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Accessory by Joshua Jay ($25.00)

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Cardfolio - magic

Announcing the next great idea in magic…yours

Every great magician did it. Every book tells you to do it. Take notes. Write it down. Document your ideas. But ideas come at the strangest times: in the middle of a movie, during conversation, at lunch—none of your ideas will ever be forgotten again. 

Announcing Cardfolio.  

Sleek. Understated. Convenient. 

This leather attaché is made to our exact specifications in soft, premium black leather. It holds a pack of cards, a pad of paper, and a collapsible Zebra pen. Cardfolio zips closed for privacy and exhibits your business card in a front-load window. Finally, you have a way to practice, experiment, invent, and REMEMBER your ideas. 

The Zebra pen included in Cardfolio took us ages to locate, and it’s just the kind of pen a magician should write with. It’s an attractive black and silver pen that expands to reveal its ballpoint. This gadget-pen is heavy and just the sort of pen your best ideas deserve to be documented with. 

Cardfolio is obviously for the close-up magician who thinks seriously and critically about his own work. We designed Cardfolio with care, and with our own usage in mind. This item has been produced in a limited edition and will be sent to you today for $25 plus postage.

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This is an interesting little thing. I wont lie, I really had no interest in getting the Cardfolio. The only reason I have it sitting in front of me is I figured, what the heck I'll buy the set that came with the Pro-Carrier. Either way,I own it.

Now, I do not consider myself a magic creator, and who knows if I will actually use this, but I must say I really like this thing. It's just a really cool thing to have. Picture one of those zip up notebooks you got when you were in school, and then shrink it down. That's exactly what this is. In addition it can fit more than a deck of cards. You can put in some gaffs, a coin purse, perhaps some bills, and rubberbands. Granted they will be in free space, meaning they wont be held by anything but rather just contained within the zippered surrounding, but who cares!

This thing if you ask me is by no means just a CARDfolio, but really a MAGICfolio. If you had too there would be no problem using this to do a small show. Heck, you do a small 30 minute set with what you can fit inside, and then you can make notes on performance improvements, ideas, patter lines, etc. I would love to see this combined with the Pro-Carrier in a Pro-Folio sort of Hybrid. Now that is something I would get! In all seriousness though, this is a great product that you will use once you have it and realize its usefulness!



The idea for the Cardfolio is great. However, the Cardfolio is large. Meaning it fits in none of my pockets, jackets or pants. Meaning it has to be stored elsewhere in a backpack fro example. At which point it is useless. I am very disappointed.