After The Force

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Book by Ron Frost ($45.00)

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After The Force - magic

Meet Ron Frost. He's the genius behind some of the most popular packet tricks of the 80s and 90s. Recently, however, Ron discovered that there are 46 more cards in the deck, and he hasn't slept a wink since! In this, Ron's first major book, he tips the card magic that has earned him both his reputation and his living for decades! Once Ron has a card chosen, anything is possible! Transformations, transpositions, transmutations, and they're all here, including:

RIVETED ACES - in which a chosen card somehow appears between two "lucky " Aces that are riveted together! 

FINGER PRINTED - wherein every card in the deck is a murder suspect, but ultimately, the selection proves to be the killer!

CORDIALLY YOURS  - in which a signed selection appears inside a cordial glass that is produced from beneath a napkin! 

STICKY WORDS - an hilarious stage effect wherein the magician accurately divines a series of mentally chosen words!

And so much more! 7 Chapters, 56 Tricks, over 30 moves, 144 pages, and 156 photos, plus a companion DVD featuring performances of most of the material in the book. After the Force is overflowing with original plots, all executed by the simplest of means, and created with only one thought in mind - entertainment first!


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