Scripting Magic Deluxe Set - Volumes 1 and 2

Book by Pete McCabe ($150.00)

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Vanishing Inc. have produced a very limited number of deluxe editions of both volumes of Scripting Magic, sold as a set. This handsome, clothbound set is the most attractive deluxe edition Vanishing Inc. Magic has yet produced, and it is a befitting treatment for two essential magic books that belong on everyone's shelves.

Because this is a set of books you will return to again and again throughout your life, the slipcase is a convenient way to "hold" shelf space, even when you extract one of the volumes to study. In addition, only Deluxe Edition owners will enjoy a set of exclusive workbook sheets that are included in the Deluxe Edition. Each deluxe edition is individually signed by the author.

If you believe, as we do, that Scripting Magic One and Two are among the most important volumes on magic written in the last decade, then you might consider owning the rare, deluxe edition to display them proudly in your magic collection.

Includes: Scripting Magic 1, Scripting Magic 2, Deluxe Slipcase, Worksheets

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Customer reviews for Scripting Magic Deluxe Set - Volumes 1 and 2

Jorge Betancourt

Wow, wow, wow. This made me change my thinking about scripting magic. I cannot recommend this enough. This will make you a better magician just by reading it, but if you put the effort on following the recommendations made by Pete, you will become much much better. Any of the volumes of Scripting Magic is worth the money, but it’s better if you have both of them. If you have the original Scripting Magic, let me tell you that this has some updates and they added illustrations.

Scripting Magic 2 is a great complement to Scripting Magic 1, as in the trailer says, this is a masterclass, they provide you worksheets so you can do exercises that will make you improve what you say in your routines.

Even if you don't like to say a script word for word, this will make you become a better magician


Scripting magic is a powerfull tool to make your magic a better one. And this book is a classic in the theme. The volume 2 adds a pratical manner to prepare first class magic presentation, complement the first volume with a very good new text. Recomended for all interested not in make magic tricks, but to do first class magic!