Master Course Cups and Balls - Volumes 1 & 2

By Daryl Easton

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The Cups & Balls always delights audiences whenever it is performed and has become an essential part of magicians repertoires.

In this two volume set, Master Course on Cups & Balls, Daryl teaches you the ins and outs of the tricks, moves and presentations.

This is a complete and advanced comprehensive tutorial on Cups & Balls , using step-by-step instruction to teach you everything from masterful tricks to the most advanced routines. Classic sleight of hand skills, props and techniques are all explained in the thorough detail previously only obtained with private lessons.

Daryl brings decades of experience and an easy-to-understand teaching style in a multi-camera production designed to show you everything you need to know with the Master Course in Cups & Ball Magic.

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Also available individually:

Master Course Cups and Balls - Volume 1

Master Course Cups and Balls - Volume 1 : $14.95

Volume 1 

  • Origination of cups and balls 
  • Specific types of props to incorporate 
  • Specific types of cups to use 
  • Specific type of balls to use 
  • Details of handling for performances 
  • Sleights: 
- Shuttle pass
- Inside and between cups
- Fundamental moves and misdirection
- Fake open load under cup
- Roll through
- Concealing a ball
- Galloping post
- Pinky move
- Fako move
- Stealing a sponge ball from a cup
- Vanishes
- Loading a mouth up cup
- Misc. cups and balls effects
- Charlie Miller move 
  • Charlie Miller Elimination Sequence 
  • Daryl's routine
Master Course Cups and Balls - Volume 2

Master Course Cups and Balls - Volume 2 : $14.95

Volume 2

  • "Nick's routine" (Nick Trost) 
  • Dai Vernon's routine 
  • Dai Vernon's impromptu routine 
  • Tips for handling

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Customer reviews for Master Course Cups and Balls - Volumes 1 & 2

Official review from Genii Magazine

From the January 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed by Dustin Stinett

There is a lot of practical advice to go along with the instructions given. In fact, both discs have a lot of great work on them. But I would not call this comprehensive. The producers and the star do not make that claim; I just wanted to make the point clear. My preference is still Bob White’s DVD on the subject. But that is the graduate work. This is a great set for the undergrad.

Copyright 2016 by The Genii Corporation.


Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the December 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by John Wilson

These DVDs are clearly designed with the beginner in mind and attempt to cover as much ground as quickly as possible. Those just looking to get started in performing this ancient bit of magic will find enough here to keep them busy for a while. I wish I’d had a similar resource when I was first learning magic. Recommended.