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Decoded - magic

This two-disc DVD Set is unlike any you have experienced before. On Decoded, Morgan & West reveal the artistry behind their "code" act. You'll learn how to secretly communicate with an onstage partner to divine serial numbers, the value of pocket change, a randomly chosen word from a book, and much, much more.

But what if you don't have a partner on stage? The entire of disc one is dedicated to learning their fantastic technique for training absolutely anyone to divine information and objects on the spot, within two minutes. You can key in a friend or spouse to perform magic with you, without any advance rehearsal or preparation, and have the same impact as a professional double-act.

The first DVD focuses on casual coding effects to perform with a friend or spouse as your accomplice, where they can learn the code in minutes, including:

  • How to code the colour and value of a playing card
  • A clever multi-phased "Which Hand" routine where you guess which of four spectators hold the coin
  • A drawing duplication
  • A Multiple Selection routine where you find spectator's cards while blindfolded

The second DVD contains Morgan and West's professional code routine, as performed on television shows such as Next Great Magician in the UK and Penn & Teller: Fool Us. They even teach their famously guarded secret of being able to code the number, total value and denominations of coins a spectator holds, plus the last-four digits of their credit cards. Their routine has fooled magicians for years, and now you can learn the full workings!

No electronics or phones are needed; the entire system is based on the words, pauses, and body language you use onstage, and these closely guarded secrets are being revealed for the first time by the inimitable Morgan & West. As one of the UK's most popular double-acts, Morgan & West perform on stages around the world as Victorian time-travelling magicians. You will see footage from their live show using the techniques on Decoded.

"Morgan & West have come up with a genuine classic in DECODED. Stylish, ultra-clever and probably the best release we've had the pleasure of watching in almost 15 years of Magicseen magazine."Graham Hey, Magicseen Magazine

Customer reviews for Decoded

R. Lee Davis

A fabulous intro into code work, by two chaps who are so entertaining to watch that it's like watching a movie on tv: we laughed, and learned some basic code work in just minutes! Two thumbs up!!

RLee Davis


Decoded is a modern way of looking at an age old principle. Fresh, fun to perform and absolute stunning to your audience! Pick up ANYONE and start to learn and perform decoded right now! :-)


Sarah Stott

I love all things Morgan and West - so I bought this as soon as it was released at The Session convention.

Whether you want to learn a couple of quick bits or a full coding routine then this is the dvd for you.

To be fair, even if you have no interest in coding at all then this is still a beautiful opportunity to watch two masters of their craft at work! :)


Greg Gelb

My wife and I have been discussing for a while the idea of us doing a show together... Well when I saw Decoded at Magic Live, I knew this was what we've been waiting for.

It takes lots of practice. Let's be honest. The great pieces do take practice. But what I love about this is that the practicing is fun and watching M & W interact on stage and in the instructions... I feel like they're in my apartment giving us our own private tutorial.

Not only is this worth 10/10 but the fact is, these guys are gentlemen and that makes things that much more better.

If you haven't bought it yet. Buy it now. Even if you don't have a partner to perform with. There are some methods to quickly teach a friend to code.

Thanks guys for sharing with the community!


Michael Gleason

This is a great start into code work. I love how they break down the code into steps from basic to more complex. I can’t wait to find someone to perform this with.


colin holt

The is a phenomenal set. The routines are great and the teaching is very clear. Highly recommended to anyone interested in code work