Imagination Coins

DVD by Garrett Thomas
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Imagination Coins

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DVD by Garrett Thomas ($40.00)

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Imagination Coins - magic

Imagination Coins allows your audience to do the magic in their own hands. Simple, clear and beyond anything they can imagine. If you have used Imagination Coins in the past this information will bring you into a new world of effectiveness.

The participant clearly has four coins that they stack in their own hand. The magician does nothing as the spectator imagines giving the magician a coin and somehow even though the magician does not touch or go near the spectator, it happens: the coin ends up leaving the spectator's hand and materializing in the magician's hand. Then, with another feat of imagination, the coin manifests itself back into the hand of your spectator.

Garrett Thomas' Imagination Coins concept gets revisited and updated with a treasure trove of special bonuses that get even stronger reactions! He re-teaches the original version now with more detail and more intimate close up instruction. Special Guest Eric Jones stops by to interview Garrett on this effect and share some of his personal thoughts on Coins Across.

Many magicians have taken Garrett Thomas' workshop or private lesson on David Roth's Coins Across. Garrett touches on every phase of this classic effect. His complete Coins Across workshop is available here for the first time ever.

As a special bonus you receive the method for the effect that Garrett calls Jump: four quarters being trapped by two pennies instantly vanish between the pennies and appear into your hand.

"It's more than just a coins across, more than a series of sleights... it's an example of how real magic would look." Eric Jones
"It is the only coin trick I would ever do. It's that strong." Luke Jermay
"This effect does not just teach you how to manipulate coins, but how to manipulate your audience. That is what the best magic always accomplishes." Kainoa Harbottle

Gimmick and small, black, silicon change coin purse included. Available in US, British and Euro currencies.


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//Imagination Coins//
Garrett Thomas & Kozmo Magic

I truly believe that Garrett has created the best form of coins across! He takes the concept to the next level by allowing the spectator to hold up the coins. There are no difficult sleights, and in the audience's mind, it appears that the spectator does everything. You can really tell that Garrett performs this a lot, as he has thought out every detail. This is an excellent trick because it is so tangible. The spectator 'feels' the magic happened as they imagine the coin going from their hand to the magician's hand, and later from the magician's to their hand. Garrett is an excellent teacher, and after watching the DVD you'll be performing this like a pro in no time. ncluded is the gimmick, a silicon coin purse, and the DVD. The DVD is minutes long and includes a bonus effect called Jump. This is where four quarters trapped between two pennies vanish and appear into your hand. The bonus effect is ok, but nothing to great.

This is one of my favorite tricks to perform at school because it essentially uses pocket change. Ideally you can even borrow someone else's quarters.

Overall, this is a workers dream and an essential part of my table hopping set.