Dapper NOCs (Maroon)

Deck of cards by Vanishing Inc. Magic and Expert Playing Card Company
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Dapper NOCs (Maroon)

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Deck of cards by Vanishing Inc. Magic and Expert Playing Card Company ($7.95)

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Dapper NOCs (Maroon) - magic

We love playing cards. For us, they MUST strike the perfect balance between high quality, stylish design and reasonable cost. Our first venture into the playing card world was with the Dapper Deck and we were completely bowled over by the incredible response to them. We listened to your ideas and suggestions and set ourselves the target of designing another deck of cards to the same high standard. The result - Dapper NOCs.

In conjunction with the House of Playing Cards and The Expert Playing Card Company, we have produced a deck that we believe is just as perfect for magicians as it is for flourishers. They spread beautifully, they cut and faro perfectly and the minimalistic design and vibrant colour makes them stand out.

Like the Dapper Deck, the Dapper NOCs also integrate our signature damask pattern. It features on the gorgeous, large pip Aces, as well as on the inside of the side-opening tuck box. The back design is maroon with a light black border which makes the cards look crisp and immaculate when they are spread or fanned.

As a final bonus, the backs are marked with a VERY deceptive system which allows you to know the suit of the card. It is easy to read and opens up a number of doors for incredible card tricks.

Includes 52 playing cards plus two Jokers.

Card stock: Regular
Printed by: Expert Playing Card Company
Box seal: No
Custom faces: Yes


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These are very fine indeed! I'm not going to tell you why, except to admit that it took me a bit of thinking to find the devious marking of suits. There's another bit of skulduggery you'll notice right away, but only after you open a deck.

After playing with a couple of decks, I'm going to get several (many?) more, and soon!



The deep red color and aces are fantastic, but you have to like EPCC Master stock. I read "damask pattern," which is a phrase I wouldn't use to refer to the Dapper paisley graphics, and assumed they were printed on EPCC Damask stock. If you like super-stiff, resilient cards, these are for you.


BGG Reviewer

SUMMARY: The minimalist companion to the striking Dapper decks

After the success of the fashionable Dapper decks (listed elsewhere on Vanishing Inc's site), the guys at Vanishing Inc went on to collaborate with The Blue Crown's production company, House of Playing Cards, to produce another deck in the series, the Dapper NOCs. As with the other Dapper decks, the actual printing of the cards was done by Expert Playing Card Company in Taiwan.

The NOC series of decks has been produced since 2012, and is a series of cards defined by simplicity and elegance, which is the result of a minimalistic design. The original NOC decks from Blue Crown have already gone through several different versions, and were made available in a range of different colours. The Dapper NOCs are similar to version 3 of the regular NOCs, but what makes the Dapper NOC different is that it integrates the signature damask/paisley pattern on some of the cards, as well as on the tuck box. The tuck box uses an unusual side-loading style, which was already introduced in the regular NOC V3 deck.

Most of the NOC decks typically have a striking back design with a uniformly solid bar of vibrant colour and just a thin border, with the idea being to put the emphasis on the card handling rather than the cards themselves, and this makes them a favourite for card flourishers. The design on the Dapper NOC is maroon/red colour, and the pips on the faces are also a deeper red to match this colour, rather than the orange-red used for the pips of the standard Dapper decks. They've also added a thin black border on the card-backs - again another difference from the standard NOC decks.

Despite the minimalist design, the large Pip aces with the damask/paisley pattern designs are still part of this deck. However, they have a slightly different colour scheme in the NOC deck. With the blue/orange Dapper decks, the Aces have four colours (red, green, blue, and yellow), whereas the Dapper NOC has Aces with only three colours (red, blue, and yellow), to match exactly with the three colours used for the court cards in this deck.

The court cards are also different than those in the orange/blue Dapper decks; in the NOC deck they feature the standard red/blue/yellow colours of a traditional deck, which is in keeping with the minimalist look, and avoids a colour clash with the maroon card-backs. In fact, aside from unique Jokers and the Aces, the face cards look the same as a standard deck. In contrast to the Joker from the regular Dapper deck which features the classic paisley shape, the Joker from the NOC deck has a more minimalist style.

So to summarize the differences, the Dapper NOC deck differs from the blue/orange Dapper decks as follows:
- Entirely different tuck box, which is side-loading
- Card-backs that are minimalist mono-coloured maroon/red instead of colourful damask/paisley pattern
- Court cards have three standard colours (red/blue/yellow) instead of four unique colours (green/red-orange/blue/yellow)
- Damask/paisley pattern on the Aces has three standard colours (red/blue/yellow) instead of four unique colours (green/red-orange/blue/yellow)
- Damask/paisley pattern is only on the Aces, and not on pips on selected number cards
- Maroon/red pips for hearts/diamonds to match the maroon/red card-backs, instead of orange/red pips
- Different joker
- Master finish card-stock (thinner and more durable) instead of Classic finish
- Marking system for suits only instead of suits plus values

Like all the NOC decks, this is a great deck that showcases minimalism, yet it also fits nicely with the main Dapper decks (which I also recommend highly!), so if you're looking for a companion to go with those, definitely consider this.

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame