Maximum Entertainment

Book by Ken Weber
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Maximum Entertainment

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Book by Ken Weber ($39.95)

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Maximum Entertainment - magic

Ken Weber has done something remarkable: he has written a modern classic. This site is NOT about hyperbole, so you won’t hear us mention this often. Many magic books—good magic books—will have their moment and then fade away. This book is here to stay. It’s an undisputed classic. And a success! It’s one of the top-selling books in our field for five years running! 

Why? Because it delivers its promise. You can read this book and make the show or tricks you already do, better! Ken teaches us things no other magic book does: how to be our own THEATRICAL director, how to handle spectators, how to work a microphone, how to ADAPT to difficult situations, and much more. Every professional dreams of having a director like Ken Weber. Now we can. Maximum Entertainment is essential reading if you’re serious about performing magic. 

Some more stats: 

  • How to Be Your Own Director!
  • How to climb the Hierarchy of Mystery Entertainment!
  • How to target the "Big Three" Reactions!
  • Discover the Six Pillars of Entertainment Success!
  • Learn powerful tips for Scripting and Rehearsing, and Choosing the Most Powerful Material!
  • Discover invaluable Voice tricks and Language Skills!
  • Do you know the best way for magicians to be Funny? This book will show you!
  • Immensely practical tips on Sound and Lighting!
  • Find out what the most successful performers do Before, During, and even After every show!
  • Plus bonus chapters zeroing in on the special problems faced by Close-up magicians and Mentalists!

Insightful and to read...destined to be a classic. I can think of only a few performers a very few who do not NEED this book! It’s packed with more nitty-gritty, real-world advice than a whole shelf of magic books.Charles Reynolds Award-Winning Magic Consultant/Producer
Finally! A well-written book by someone who has been there and knows what he's talking about. If you are seriously interested in making an impact with mystery entertainment, your money would be so much better spent here than on the latest trick or video. Read it, digest it…let the material inspire you, provoke you and ultimately make you a better performer.Craig Karges Six-Time "Entertainer of the Year" National Association of Campus Activities
The ultimate guide for the entertainer of the 21st century"deceptively simple, practical, and fun" highly constructive advice for any performer. With deep insight and gentle guidance, Ken Weber breaks a critical silence about the flaws within our art form. A stroke of genius in concept, and a joy to read!Marc Salem, Star of the international smash hit, Marc Salem’s Mind Games

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this is a book that totally changed my thinking of magic, the thing that influenced me the most was that the ideas were not only about making your magic stroger they were about what real magic should look like ....
for example -i always hated all the counting tricks with cards in which you count to a number of cards in the packet that he cut and after that spelled his middle name of his grandma's old dog, it may have astrong method or well constructed and have an overall good (impossible ) effect ,but that does not seem real.
mr. weber has a thinking that many magicians lack and i think should have, even some of the best thinkers in magic contemporerly ( ortiz ,tamariz ,burger and kurtz to name a few) have routines along those lines.
aditionaly mr weber also gives great tips about audience managment ,microphone managment and overall how to speak well.
this is book gets my highest recomendation ( for what it's worth ) ! it's up there with "strong magic","leadiing with your head" and "magic and showmanship".
don't hesitate BUY IT !



Once I started, I had a hard time putting this book down. It has a lot of good advice; things we probably know, but reading on paper makes it more apparent. I believe if you follow the advice given, your magic performance will be elevated several levels. This is a good first read, but to get its true value, you must reread, absorb, and execute what he is saying. An important book you should have and take seriously. A++.