World's Beyond

Book by Paul Curry
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World's Beyond

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Book by Paul Curry ($47.00)

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World's Beyond - magic

Do you remember the first time you saw Paul Curry's "Out of This World" performed? Do you remember how badly it fooled you? Know now that you can own a book full of such magic by the only man who could imagine it.

This book has been out of print for several years and has been receiving ridiculously high bids on eBay. It's a favorite amongst the Vanishing Inc. team and we recommend it wholeheartedly.


Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond

you will find the original version of "Out of This World", which some still consider the best of the many variations that have been devised. You will also find all the other Curry classics, "Touch", "The Sliding Knot", "Open Prediction", "The Color-changing Deck", "Never in a Lifetime", "The Power of Thought", "Probability Zero" and "IOU".

But these are just the beginning.

Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond

contains original Curry card sleights, including his turnover change, and almost seventy tricks and routines that would have brought back that feeling of complete amazement "Out of This World" aroused in you—had you seen them performed before you read their secrets. Now you can arouse the same sense of astonishment in others, when you perform the other-worldly magic of Paul Curry.


400 - Hardbound with Dust jacket


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Josh's review was spot-on. I would like to give some insight on a few of the gems in this book.

Paul Curry's work does have some other types of magic in here, but as far as the effect goes there tends to be a mentalism-feel to the work. Out of This World is kind of the highlight of this with some modifications that he had made prior to his death. The subtleties he adds to the handling are worth looking over if you truly love this effect.

Some gems:

Probability Zero--If you are looking for a STRONG business card mentalism piece, it's worth the minor set-up it takes. Paul includes some subtlety that sells the piece hard for the spectator.

A Swindle of Sorts--If you want a good study in how demonstration and discrepancy can be used to devilishly fool a layperson, this is it. While in retrospect, the moves may seem quite obvious, I've had laypeople to react pretty strongly to this. They've been had and some will surely feel that sting.

Some Sleights--You'll get some insight into the Curry Turnover Change (good utility switch if you've got a table), a Double Lift (Drawback Double), a Switch (Time Change), a two handed pass (Tap Pass), and a one handed pass (Side Pass).

Though some of the tricks may seem a little old-school (the patter perhaps), I've gained a real good appreciation for subtlety over sleights. It's a good lesson in the fact that the effect happens in the mind of the spectator and you can set them up (yep, lying) for the impossible.