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Magic download (ebook) by Andrue ($36.99)

Imagine telling your spectator to think of any name of someone who's really close to them and within seconds, telling them the exact name of the person they are thinking of, even over the phone!

Although the name is never written down, the mind reader is able to know it without even seeing - or getting close to - the participant.

It can be performed over the phone or via chat!

For most people the method, presentation and final effect (the direct name revelation of someone only thought of) is going to be worth several times what this is sold for. I like it and I can recommend it. Jerome Finley
I've been playing with Legion for about a week, and think it's an incredibly useful tool for all psychic entertainers. So far, I've used it several times over the phone, and everyone I did it for was astounded. The hidden step in the process makes this ideal for psychic readers, and if I was still doing readings, I'd be using this several times a day"Richard Webster

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i will partially agree with jay. the original sales script seems to have been removed. originally it stated that you will be able to narrow a name down to a few out of 10,000 names. first, this was not true, and true, all at once. the" special" document only would have let you done this with 600 names, total. but with work you could expand it to 10,000. not good for anywhere except western nations with biblical names, unless you come up with a regional "document" yourself.

for me, it didn't have my mother, brothers, mine, or sisters name on it. also, it is pretty unreasonable to say that you can easily glimps the " document" not if it had 10,000 names, it wouldn't be.

that all said, I do like the general idea. I wouldn't use it for names. I am not a fan of pulling out a list of animals and asking someone to pick one. seems like a set up. however, this would be useful, I think, in making a "popular" list. like animals most people pick, etc, so you don't need to give them a list. just get them to think of one and you should be able to narrow it down. the upside, I find, to using this "legion" idea for "popular" lists is I don't need to carry lists of topics around wit me. also, I can actually memorize and use the technique hands off rather than trying to get a peek at a gimmick that in most situations will be super weird in close up.

I was initially disappointed. but after reading the whole book, I found another way of using it that will suit my needs. this is why I gave it 3 stars. can't really use it for it's intended purpose by the creator, but found it much more useful for what I am using it for now.

your paying for a secret. it can be disappointing when a trick consists of something your not expecting. however, never think some trick you bought is useless. understand the secret and explore other ways it may be used.

I do agree that magicians need to stop hyping their products by giving false statements. 10,000 names? hardly. I can see why the original sales pitch was scrapped. however, this secret isn't useless. it's only useless if you discard it and never do anything with it. wen you got a lemon.....pull a card out of it!



The advert text is misleading, it should say CAN ONLY BE PERFORMED OVER THE PHONE, rather than making it sold as if doing it over the phone is a bonus. As a stage performer, there is no way I will be able to pull this off without getting the volunteer to go on a computer and without myself having to stand in front of everyone referencing through the NECESSARY documentation. I can't say more without giving away the secret, but paying this much money for something which can not be done live in public without people seeing your research, is ridiculous.
I will be thinking twice before trusting text only advertising in the future.

Legion by Andrue