The Art of Equivoque

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The Art of Equivoque

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Magic download (video) by Hector Chadwick ($12.00)

This is, quite simply, the best and ONLY live masterclass on equivoque ever recorded on video. In his acclaimed live performance and talk, Hector Chadwick teaches us intermediate and advanced techniques to improve the mentalism you already do, and even offers a terrific impromptu routine that you can adapt to perform ANYWHERE.

2006 saw the release of a book entitled The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick. It was received by the mentalism community with a mixture of intrigue and delight, for the book was wonderful, yet nobody really knew who Hector Chadwick was.

At The Session 2014, he came clean to give his very first lecture, the Olivier Award winning co-writer of Derren Brown shows such as Svengali, Apocalypse and The Great Art Robbery.

This is that lecture. It's a 20 minute dissection of equivoque, in which Hector completely deconstructs the technique, identifies the problems and pitfalls associated with it, and teaches a brilliant prediction effect along the way. You'll learn the one thing you should never say at the start of an equivoque routine, how to stop your audience from questioning the selection process, the most deceptive way of eliminating objects, and all the common issues that a thinking performer needs to be aware of.

Hector's approach to mentalism is so fresh and whimsical it makes my heart leap. His work on equivoque is amongst his best: an overhaul of one of the most powerful areas of our craft, treated with a lightness of touch alien to the ponderous ranks of interchangeable mentalists. This is an excellent treatise from a brilliant and unique man. Derren Brown
I have been intensively studying the art of Equivoque for over 30 years and thoroughly enjoyed this lively, entertaining and quite challenging lecture on the subject. Don't miss it! Eugene Burger
Fascinating, enlightening and essential — that's what I think about Mr. Hector Chadwick's excellent chat. Andy Nyman

Running time: 20 minutes.


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  • Mike asks: Does this demonstrate/teach equivoque using an 'imaginary' deck of cards or does this use objects? I ask because by using a deck of cards I have to have the spectator make 5 separate choices (with objects in can be just 2 or 3). I'm new to magic but want to master this trick and feel that I can not sustain their choice of free will for 5 choices. Thanks. Mike

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: He doesn't teach any card effects using Equivoque in this download, but many of his thoughts and ideas can be applied.
  • Michael asks: Is this download only 20 minutes in length?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 20 minutes of GOLD from Derren Brown's consultant and writer. :)
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Customer reviews for The Art of Equivoque



This is a fantastic lecture and really worth the price. Stephen has really helped to clear the waters in what can be a bit of a murky subject.
I defy anyone to watch this lecture and still be able to turn their nose up at the thought of using equivoque.
Highly recommended.



Excellent video with some very useful material. I highly recommend this...



I really enjoyed this. Regardless of if you know what you are doing with equivoque, there are many nice subtleties that can completely change an act or a routine. The price is great and as well. I highly recommend this.



An excellent lecture!



Great info! Such common sense applications to make equivoque that much more deceptive.



Fantastic video. Truly imaginative and practical ideas.







I have been performing an effect from "The Magic Hedonists" called "ThenMagician Makes up All the Rules" for nearly 30 years now. It involves Equivoque, and if you are not careful about what you ask the spectator to do, the method can end up exposing itself. This 20 minute video is worth more than Vanishing Inc is asking to view it. It is one of those foundational videos that has a wide variety of applications. It is well worth the money. Thanks to Jodhua and Andi for making it available.



Excellent!!!! This should be a teaching tool for all beginning performers. I would especially direct this thought to all mentors and teachers in the S.Y.M. organization that represents the youths of The Society of American Magicians.



Wonderful advice in creating mystery around magic, make it real.





excellent as far as it went, but I was hoping for more technique.



There are some nice ideas here but nothing completely groundbreaking or new if you're an experienced performer. Beginners and intermediates will benefit greatly from this, advanced magic students may pick up a nice subtlety or 2. All in all a great value for $10, but not exactly what I was hoping for personally.



For a beginner the stuff is a bit rushed, i guess. Long clearly speaks to experienced workers.
But these will find some nice and in a funny way clarifying bits and points, that ad another good step to a whole and complete analysis to the mechanics, to make the magicians choice a completely convincing sleight of mind. And cmon, 10 dollars...



Not much added here. One might get a couple of subtleties from it.



Nothing too grounbreaking here, but a nice analysis of equicoque.
I find the sound of this video is very bad and it spoils the experience for me. I noticed the same issue on David Williamson Live, so I will refrain from buying lectures from Vanishing ink from now on. Which is a shame, because they do have very cool ones!



Very well presented and entertaining, but no real substance if you're familiar with equivoque.



Sadly, I had expected at least a little bit more.

The Art of Equivoque by Hector Chadwick